House of the Day: 1493 Sterling Place

This Crown Heights two-family is a mostly standard flip. It’s got new strip floors, baseboard molding, sheetrock walls, and has been entirely gutted and opened up, with no details left. The bathrooms and kitchens are a little nicer than usual, with a classic white subway tile backsplash in the kitchen and faux wood tile in the bath. As Curbed pointed out, the building sold for $210,000 in February of this year to an LLC. Now the ask is $799,000. In this market, it’ll probably sell quickly. What do you think of it?

Crown Heights House Returns After Six Months for $799K [Curbed]
1493 Sterling Place [Corcoran] GMAP

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  • this house is more or less in brownsville

  • Even stripped of details, it’s hard to figure how this sold for only $210K in February. That said, the split between the purchase price and sales price, which they may get, would be an incredible ROI. It’s a shame all the details are gone.

  • what a soulless place.
    flippers need to get out of brooklyn

  • anyone notice there are no permits on file? it does look like a scott schnall-ish design. these look like a dead ringer of the Calder houses in Windsor Terrace, except those don’t have these great looking raised porches.

    looks like this was an estate sale and he must have scooped it up; it looked quite dilapidated. the finishes appropriate for the area/ price range (crappy builder grade floors, already dated looking cabinets). looks like a great profit at this price level, but one must ask: the house does not look finished (cornice, etc) i’d be looking for flaws in the reno and would expect some corners cut, so full price would be painful knowing there are issues. that bathroom with the wood tile in the shower and not quite matching the vanity, with a white tile and black grout? yuk. clearance at the tile store? or just spending too much time at the home depot?. otherwise, this house is lacking life, but can be made into something better by new owners.

    is this a good price for the area?

  • This house was purchased and renovated by a developer. There were probably no details worth saving.

    The developer tried selling it himself at a price that was hopeful to say the least, for a house that’s practically in Brownsville.

    Realizing this crazy market isn’t that crazy, he dropped the price and gave it to Corcoran to unload. End of story.

  • Just to clarify, the developer picked up this property for $210,00 in February of this year in an estate sale. There are no photos from that sale so we don’t know the condition, but it was not renovated at that time. Then the developer renovated it as we see here, and now is selling it for $799,000. The property is not in Brownsville, but is in Crown Heights — in the middle of Crown Heights, nowhere near the border of Brownsville, which starts after Weeksville on the other side of Eastern Parkway.

  • “The property is not in Brownsville, but is in Crown Heights — in the middle of Crown Heights, nowhere near the border of Brownsville,”

    Sorry Cate – middle of Crown Heights? At best, it’s a block or two from the border. I’m not sure what map you are looking on.

  • $799k and they didn’t even bother to paint the cornice.

    Didn’t DIBS sell his house for about this price recently?

  • Since I own a home in this neighborhood, and grew up in ENY (next door to Brownsville), I can confirm that Cate is correct. This house is not “more or less” in Brownsville nor is it “a block or two from the border.” The Weeksville and Ocean Hill neighborhoods are in between here and Brownsville. Anyway, trust me there are already plenty of white folks renting and buying homes around here, which I’m sure is what you all are worried about.

    • There is nothing wrong with the area, especially being close to the 3/4 trains. However, it’s still a hopefull ask for a house sans details, in this part of Crown Heights.

      It is a “block or two” from where most rational humans consider the Crown Heights border to be. Kudos to Cate for being classy enough to acknowledge that fact.

  • Hello! 1493 Sterling Place is still on the market! Aside from the “soul-less” reno, 775k price tag and leaking roof (spotted at a recent open house), any additional ideas as to why this wasn’t scooped up as yet?