Crown Heights Affordable Housing Petition Gathers 700 Signatures


Crown Heights residents want more affordable housing, it appears. In only two weeks, the Crown Heights Assembly got 700 signatures for its petition to add mandatory inclusionary housing to the Crown Heights West rezoning, according to a press release from the group posted on the blog I Love Franklin Ave. In addition to demanding that developers be required to build affordable housing, the group wants to create an Anti-Harassment Area. The Department of Housing Preservation and Development would be required to investigate whether tenants were harassed before landlords will be granted request for demolition or “substantial” changes. Such areas were established in Greenpoint and Williamsburg as part of the 2005 rezoning and other areas of the city, according to the group. (The online petition shows fewer than 700 signatures; however, 200 signatures were obtained in person, according to the release.) However, it may be too late for the group on this go-round. A city council vote on the rezoning was scheduled to take place earlier this month.

Crown Heights Assembly Press Release [I Love Franklin Ave.]
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Photo by Department of City Planning

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  • The Anti Harassment clause is a great idea. I hope they are successful in all aspects of this endeavor, but it’s going to be an uphill road.

    Going out into the community and getting physical signatures is key. Younger people who have lived their lives on line tend to forget that poorer folk, especially older people, are not on line, and may not have a computer. and even if they have email, they don’t spend as much time on the computer, or accessing social media. You’ve got to go to them, either door to door, or on the street, or in churches or stores.

  • That’s great. Good luck with the effort. It may be best to incentivise the changes the community wants.

    Does anyone remember the commercial bldg several artists bought in Comm Bd 8? The new owners wanted to co-op the bldg and use it for primarily studio space, I think. Their request was not supported by CB8 bcz they/CB8 wanted this project to include a percentage as affordable housing units..

    I lost track of this project, and don’t know that building’s final layout.

    If current zoning allows a project “as or right” and if there is no need for any type of variance, achieving these “community forward” programs may be difficult to obtain from a developer.

    If incentives are/can be built in, the community is much more likely to endorse the final outcome- carrot and stick.

    Best of luck!