593 Jefferson in Stuyvesant Heights Sells for $1.8 Million

A Stuvesant Heights townhouse at 593 Jefferson has sold for $1.8 million, significantly above the asking price. The four-story home, which was a House of the Day back in May, was asking $1,425,000. According to BK to the Fullest, every offer was above asking and the lowest was an all-cash offer at $1,600,000. When we first wrote about the Langston and Dahlander-designed home, we were wowed by its remarkable details including, “pier mirrors, a hall seat, stained glass, three wood-burning fireplaces, original parquet floors, bay windows, and plenty of wood work, including wainscoting and an intricate screen.” This was the first exclusive listing by regular Brownstoner commenter Amzi Hill. With this sale at $1.8 million, do you think the $2 million mark is far behind for this part of the neighborhood?

Stuy Heights Record Breaker Just Closed [BK to the Fullest]

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  • Great to have you on our Team Amzi Hill! Once again, congratulations on this amazing achievement. Evans & Nye breaking sales records one block at a time…..

  • Congratulations, good for you. Many lovely homes being sold in the area, I would like to take a moment and once again bring to light the poor condition that Saratoga Square Park is currently in. I remember the park being a selling point for us when looking for a home in the area. I was wondering if your clients looked at parks in the area. Does anyone know the proper channels for requesting park improvements? Once again, congratulations.

  • Congrats Amzi! Beautiful house, though there’s a special paint-stripping circle of hell for whoever painted over that carved fretwork screen.

  • Wow! A magnificent job all the way around. My compliments.

  • where is all the belly-aching like spoilt cows about the price? I demand that someone condemn him for changing the neighborhood. This aggression will not stand, man :)

  • So is this suppose to be good news. Why does gentrification mean that the people who have been living there for decades cannot benefit other than now being able to sell their houses (and move out) for more money. REal Estate does not make a neighborhood, the people do. Why have services improved only with gentrification yet you can’t even find a decent studio in Bed-stuy for under $1200. I wonder at what point will Bed-stuy change when you won’t see the legendary block parties and the communities developed on blocks. I wonder when the pilgrims (yes that is what we call you) learn to answer “good morning” back with the same and not silently creep through the neighborhood as if waiting for the ultimate change. I speak as a native new yorker that both laughs and cries as those new to this city suck off of the myth of what it once was. New York City was never perfect, but at least it was honest. You question: well “We are just poor artists or maybe not so poor pilgrims looking for decent housing or hipper housing whatever” (much like described by the pilgrim couple who bought a brownstone in Bedstuy for 1M claiming they were running from the gentrification of the Lower East Side. Really? Its like you gentrify then resent it then move on to the next real estate opportunity. This does not make a neighborhood, a city or a home. You are delusional if you think race, class and economic privilege is not defining this city as oppose to difference, culture, collaboration and opportunity. Do not confuse your economic status or artistic occupation for oppression. Because you are an artist and poor does not absolve your racial and cultural impact on a neighborhood. When I was in the soul shredding game of real estate I actually hoped a white artist or new pilgrim would jog by while showing other white people the neighborhood. Because white folks like when they see each other. It symbolizes safety, potential and access. That is not up for debate, this is fact. Anyway, my rant ends here. I guess all one can do at this point is watch NYC become like London, overpriced, fleeting and culturally impoverished. Psst. My birth certificate and memories will have to be enough to support my voice in the matter.

    • congrats AMZI well done you deserve it!!!

    • “When I was in the soul shredding game of real estate I actually hoped a white artist or new pilgrim would jog by while showing other white people the neighborhood.” Help me out here: you used to actively promote gentrification as a realtor (someone with *far* more power to influence its scope and impact than any individual buyer or renter) and then you saw the light and now you blame…white people? That’s some skillful deflection right there. What do you do for work now?