Closing Bell: The J.Crew Fight Goes On

The Pacific Green grocer is not going down without a fight! After J.Crew announced it would open a retail store into the space on the corner of Pacific and Court, controversy ensued. Cobble Hill residents launched a petition not to evict the neighborhood grocer, who had no plans on moving. Now the Brooklyn Paper reports that the management of the Pacific Green Gourmet Food is gearing up to sue their landlord. The clothing retailer signed a 10-year lease for the building with plans to move in early 2014, but Pacific Green management says they signed a 15-year lease in 2000. The next step, then, is court, and if the grocers cannot stay in the building they’ll search for another location in the neighborhood.

Court Street Grocer Gears up to Fight J. Crew Takeover [BK Paper]
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  • this is going to be the flagship for the new “J Crew: Produce Store” line.

  • shouldn’t this be fairly easy to resolve? where’s the copy of the lease? if it’s true why can’t this grocer procure a copy and post it online?

    • Yeah, seems like it should be pretty simple. Either the grocer has a 15 year lease or they don’t.

    • This annoys me to no end when people want to fight out these types of battles in the press. Make a copy of the contract and post it somewhere. Redact out the parts needed if there are trade secrets. For all we know there may be a clause permitting the LL to buy out the rest of the term; or maybe a LL can terminate a commercial lease and pay damages?

      Obviously, a 15 year lease only gets them one more year.

  • That store can’t be more than 800 or 1000 sq ft. And unless there is back room space we don’t see, this will be a pretty small clothing store.

  • With all the empty spaces and exponentially more foot traffic at the Fulton and Atlantic Malls and on Court Street before Atlantic Avenue, they want to open a teeny “look how cool I am to open a small shop” boutique on the other side of Court Street?

    Hold my Trader Joe’s seaweed chips while I go through the one clothing rack.

  • yeah, i was asking the same thing…why not fulton street?? it makes so much more sense. also, even if it’s a 2-story deal, the retail space is much better on a street like atlantic or fulton st. putting a clothing chain in this location is giving me flashbacks to the shitty gap that used to be on montague street (and the shitty Banana)–big enough space to knock out something needed like pacific green, but not big enough to have anything more than a basic collection.

  • what’s is going in across the street on other corner of court/pacific?