Closing Bell: G Train is Getting Better!

After local pols pushed for better G train service as well as a review of the line early this year, the notoriously bad subway will finally see improvements. The MTA just completed its review of the G train last week and issued several recommendations. According to a press release by Senator Daniel Squadron, the recommendations include increasing the G train service by 25 percent from approximately 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm, contingent on funding; Running trains at more even intervals; Stopping the 4-car train at the same place on the platform at all times and clearly marking where on the platform the train will stop; and adding public announcement systems at the 12 G train stations that currently lack them. They’ve also recommended making changes to train operations, like letting trains wait at Court Square with all the doors open longer so that passengers can spread throughout the train. The NYC Rider’s Alliance is pushing the MTA to use some of the $40 million that came through in unexpected state funding for these improvements. The MTA estimates that it would cost $700,000 annually to increase the service by 25 percent. Obviously great news for the G’s rapidly growing ridership.

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  • What about the C train, which has been rated the worst train ever for the past 4 years? Supposedly wore than the G.

  • Good to hear. Now how about making the conductors be there on time in the early morning. It is quite often that the train just sits there , waiting for the conductor to arrive and open up the doors. I just don’t understand how they can tolerate that. The guy with the beard is ALWAYS on time, waiting there before the train even pulls in, but some of the others…. no way. I am talking about the trains from 7:30 till about 8:15 AM. That must interrupt the rest of the schedule too.