Verizon Exits Big Gowanus Lot

According to Gowanus Your Face Off, Verizon cleared its trucks out of the large lot it previously occupied in Gowanus, an entire block bordered by Nevins, Carroll, Union Streets and the Gowanus Canal. Verizon has used the space as a hub for field technicians since 1977 and is relocating to a facility on 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street. The 100,000-square-foot lot sold to a housing developer for $14 million last December. For now, the developer plans to just lease out the space. But it’s right across the canal from Lightstone’s massive 700-unit rental project, so there’s likely to be more waterfront development here in the neighborhood’s future…
Verizon Vacates Gowanus Lot It Has Occupied Since 1977 [GYFO]
Photo via GYFO

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  • Isn’t there that detail of the Superfund cleanup?
    Is that going to be just a couple of guys with brooms?
    What’s going on with that?

  • the city should buy this lot and anything that they can get their hands on and revert the whole waterfront along the Gowanus Canal into a wetland. Using Eminent Domain, perhaps?

  • You can see quite a few carp floating in that pic.

  • I am in favor of residential development… except along the Gowanus Canal! Until the city does a complete upgrade of the sewer system and water mains and builds an additional school or two, this area cannot support this kind of growth. The Lightstone project is bad enough, this would make it a total disaster. The canal will fill with so much fecal matter its gonna look like chocolate pudding! Even if the city started work right now, it probably would not be done for 10 years or more and cost billions.

    • Judging from that photo, it looks like the canal already has all the fecal matter it can handle!

    • How do you know all of this? And it only takes years to do thi gs now because of folks like you. Brooklyn was built within a 75 year span because nosey a holez like you didn’t matter. Of course they’ll clean up that mess….and it could be done in 3 years or less if the bueaucrats and uunions step aside and let the doers do

  • I bet once a couple of these large developments are completed the City will expedite the clean-up of the canal and the improvement of the sewage system. A few hundred people complaining about the stench after a storm will get things moving.

    • That is probably true, but it will be a major undertaking that will take several years of giant trenches in the streets to get it done. I live off Columbia street, and the infrastructure renovation of Columbia St and Van Brunt St. started around 2004 and is still not done!

  • The Superfund, I believe is, underway. They’re currently building a waste treatment facility. I just hope those nosey activist types don’t hinder the Gowanas cleanup process. I have already heard some of them acting as if their money is involved in the new construction. If someone wishes to build on waterfront property…damn it let him/her do so.