Stuyvesant Heights Beauty Just Closed for $1.7M

A prime house in Bed Stuy these days is cause for a feeding frenzy. A stunning Magnus Dahlander two-family home at 242 Decatur Street closed this week for $1,700,000. In April we heard it was in contract for $1,750,000, all cash. The broker, at Evans and Nye, gave us the low-down: “We had numerous offers. One at $1,750,000 all cash, one at $1,700,000 all cash, and one financed with 70 percent down. We selected the one with financing as it was the most comfortable and promising deal for the seller. The buyer was the first to view the property and made an on site offer. We did not plan any open house for this property. To date, we still have buyers asking this property.” Yowza. Next week Evans & Nye will list another Bed Stuy brownstone on Jefferson Avenue, between Throop and Tompkins, for $1,700,000.
Photo by Evans & Nye 

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  • Congratulations to the sellers.

  • Is this a obvious ad spot for this broker or what

  • I live on Jefferson b/t T&T and have been in the house being listed for 1.7M and while I’m obviously biased on how nice the block is, the house is exceptional in terms of details. Our house came with all of the trim painted over in a hideous color so we just went over it with white paint even though I consider myself a purist on these matters. The listing will appeal to any and all purists out there and wish this was on the market when we bought which was after the crash and could have afforded it. This house is gorgeous and will likely go for ask if not over…its spectacular!!