PLG House Tour Included Artist’s Studio, Horse

More than 500 people turned out for the 43rd Annual Prospect Lefferts Gardens House & Garden Tour on June 2. Highlights included an artist’s studio, townhouses from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, prewar apartments, and seven private gardens. The Lefferts Gardens Montessori School was also open for visits. As you can see from the photos, taken by Brownstoner regular Bob Marvin, and published here with permission, the interiors and decor varied widely, showcasing touches of Victorian, mid-century mod and the latest in kitchen design. There was even a statue of a horse (at least, we think it’s a statue). Restoration and renovation specialists and the homeowners were on-site to discuss their work and share resources. Click through to the jump to see more photos, and to Bob’s Flickr page for even more.
43rd Annual Prospect Lefferts Gardens House & Garden Tour [Flickr]

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  • LOL–you’re right Emily; the horse is a statue, part of the art installation at helper gallery (lower case), on Rogers Ave. PLG Arts had arranged for some art activities to complement the tour. The photo below the horse is from Dorsey’s Gallery, also on Rogers and open on tour day.