Closing Bell: Petition for Safety on Ocean Parkway

Earlier this week a 73-year old pedestrian was hit and killed by a semi truck at the intersection near the Church Avenue and Ocean Parkway intersection, and now the community and local pols are calling for immediate safety measures. The community voted to allocate $200,000 to safety upgrades at the dangerous intersection in last year’s Participatory Budgeting. Now, the community is pushing the New York State Department of Transportation to sign-off on said safety improvements. The New York City DOT had proposed building a pedestrian refuge island between northbound and southbound traffic at the intersection, giving pedestrians a safe space when crossing the nine-lane street. But the New York State DOT rejected the proposal and instead proposed to eliminate the crosswalk entirely. Without the crosswalk, residents would have to walk a block out of their way and wait for three crossing signals instead of one, and it’s likely pedestrians would still cross there anyway. Council Member Brad Lander started a petition today asking the New York State DOT for a pedestrian safety island as well as repairing the damaged sidewalks and crosswalks. Lander also spoke this morning at the corner of Church Avenue and Ocean Parkway to demand a safety plan, pictured above.

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  • Headline should read Ocean Parkway not Ocean Ave.

  • How about a police directive calling for ticketing dangerous drivers? I’m not talking just on Ocean Ave, but citywide. It’s absurd how terrible drivers are in this city and the countless number of times I’ve seen the cops turn a blind eye…or better yet act in horrendously unsafe ways themselves.

    • included with that should be ticketing cyclists breaking laws and pedestrians walking against the light.

      • yup, there are many clueless cyclists out there, I’m sure citibike isnt helping with those statistics.

        However, they dont control vehicles often weighing in excess of 2000lbs, so probably should be a weighted approach.

        • weighted toward those who break the law across the board. weight of vehicle or bike or shoes is completely irrelevant.

          • The danger from breaking the law riding a bicycle is smaller than the danger from a similar violation in a car by a factor of ten. They’re not remotely comparable, and you know it.

          • really?

            so if a bike breaks a law and is hit and killed by a law abiding motorist, that is considered small?

            I think the motorist would have good cause to sue the dead cyclists estate for pain and suffering. through law breaking and negligence, someone has to live with killing another?

            danger is not mitigated by size of vehicle. the law breaker creates the danger. simple really.