City Releases RFP for Brooklyn Heights Library Site

The Economic Development Corporation just released a request for proposals for “qualified developers to purchase and redevelop a premier development site in Brooklyn Heights located at 280 Cadman Plaza West” — in other words, the Brooklyn Heights Library branch.  The City has said it wants to sell the 52-year-old library building and the 26,000-square-foot lot it sits on to a developer to raise funds for repairs throughout the library system. The building would be demolished to make way for a new residential development. The RFP asks that the development includes a new, 20,000-square-foot library branch. The city recently said it would hold onto another Brooklyn library threatened with a similar fate, the Pacific Street branch. Proposals for the Brooklyn Heights site are due by September 9. The Library expects to present its Board of Trustees with a recommended development partner by the end of 2013, and then the developer will go through the ULURP process.
Brooklyn Heights Development Opportunity RFP [NYCEDC]

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  • Terrible photo of the library, which is actually interesting design-wise. It is Art Moderne and features bas-relief figures around the entry. It is a nice low-rise counterpoint to the highrises around it.

    Kiss it g’bye.

    At this point all I hope for is a new building that is not just a value-engineered human file cabinet.

  • Carefully shot to look as if it is already surrounded by large apt buildings, when in fact the one at the right is several blocks away. Not shown: the 4- and 5-story brownstones within a block or so. The shot also includes what looks like a truck route next to it, also cropping out the park across the street. Shameful!