Astoria Renovation: Treading Water

You won’t believe what they’ve been dealing with over at the Astoria renovation. Click here to read about unexpected setbacks caused by the DOB’s new sprinkler regulations. And they’re moving in a few weeks — but the floors and walls are still open, waiting for inspection. If you’re planning a major renovation, you’ve got to read this first.

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  • Good post that summarizes the sprinkler rules under the 2008 code:

    While I’m all for safety, sprinklering the typical 4-story 1,2-family townhouse seems like overkill. From a preservation standpoint, it’s a shame the code is really pushing 1- and 2-family houses toward either ultra-high-cost renovation or tear-down for multi-family new build, with no middle ground.

  • this is why you don’t get permits.

  • Do you think there’s any hope the DOB might change the rules? It really seems a little crazy to think every single-family house that gets renovated is going to need an SRO style sprinkler system. And in addition to the expense it looks a little unusual. Or is this really a reasonable safety precaution?

  • no-p, you’d have to have real b-of-b to do this level of reno without a permit!

    But I do have to ask: what’s that WW-II era looking sink on pipe legs doing on the pinup board? Is that the real thing?

    • You dont have to let a DOB inspector into your house. He can ask at your door, and you just say no. Just like if the police knock at your door without a warrant from a judge. Just say no.
      The chances of the DOB going to ct. to get an order to enter some family house in Astoria to see if it has sprinklers are virtually zero.

    • you wouldn’t believe some of the sh*t i’ve done.

  • Drag, but I’d be happy that the subcontractor knew about the extra laundry floor drains needed – better to find out now, despite the wait it entails, than to find out after they had been installed without the required drains. It is a drag that the architect missed this – hard to imagine they charge more to fix it when it was their mistake originally…

  • We spent a lot of money on architects (50K) only to have the DOB reject our plans to renovate a 4 family to a 2 family. They said we needed sprinklers. We have a fire escape, a lot of original ceiling detail and a limited budget. We fired the architect, hired a top notch contractor and someone else (who shall go unnamed) to file plans that showed replacement of existing kitchens and bath. So far, so good. We start construction soon. I will let you know how it turns out. I’d rather be legit but the money involved made it impossible…