Art Event Takes Over Governors Island

On Saturday, we hopped the free ferry to Governors Island and checked out Figment, an all-volunteer, non-commercial art event that took place over the weekend. For those who haven’t been to the island yet, it’s one of the nicest green spaces in New York City, with great views of Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey. It’s also full of historic buildings, including a fort and early 19th-century houses. Legally part of Manhattan, the island sits just across the Buttermilk Channel from Brooklyn, and the ferry ride takes only a few minutes.


















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  • Govenor’s Island is so much fun, it is a shame the “tourist helicopters” are allowed to fly all around the Island all day long.

    So instead of a peaceful & serene park and harbor you get to hear the constant roar of helicopters circling the Island all day long.

    oh joy!

  • I love Governor’s Island.
    A great place to spend the day.

  • I wish you were right, stargazer, but with this happening on the island there’s no peace or quiet anywhere – blasting music all day long, mini golf, motorized vehicles driving around the green with mobile ‘dj’. I went with my sister’s family, and while the kids were generally entertained it’s no longer a place of quiet and reflection; just pee-wee’s playisland for tourists. If they’re going to be there every weekend I’m going elsewhere –

  • Governors island is great and it has TWO historic forts. Fort Jay entered though a magnificent triumphal arch with raised portcullis and Castle Williams right by the waterfront. They are both run by the National Park Service. The rest of the Island is city-owned and run by the Governors Island Trust.

  • What a bunch of crabs here. The island is great. We should be grateful our politicians were enlightened enough to get this to be a public resource. Noise is a problem everywhere in the city… I recommend Hearos ear plugs. Worth every penny!!!

  • I took a child of friends there on a weekday last summer, and it was peaceful and contemplative, not crowded at all. We took a tour of the forts that was quite interesting. As with many things in the crowded city, you can avoid the crowds if you go on off days/times. (Nothing against the crowds, a weekday just happened to be the day we went – I would love to go again on a weekend with the artsy stuff happening.)
    Though I find myself in agreement with stargazer that helicopter use in the area should be strictly limited.