Timber Shed Is Just a Skeleton

All the bricks are gone from the Navy Yard’s Timber Shed, one of the two historic buildings slated for preservation amidst the supermarket development here. The Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation began removing the bricks this spring (the bricks will be preserved) and the developer, Blumfield Development Group, is tasked with actually reinforcing the structure. In the picture after the jump, you can see how the ceiling frame is sinking in. This extensive restoration will be done to national preservation standards — no word on how long it’ll actually take.
Work on the Timber Shed Ramps Up [Brownstoner]

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  • I’m really going to miss Admiral’s Row…so sad something like this in my neighborhood is disappearing. Here comes Shoprite….sigh.

  • Interesting pictures. What we are seeing there is the roof framing. The brick portion of the building is below. They may need to number each piece, dismantle, repair and consolidate and then re-assemble atop the restored brick walls. In order to preserve the historic authenticity of the building they will need to try to salvage as much as possible of the original timber and brick. It could turn out really beautifully. Here’s hoping!

  • I know how long it’s been disappearing…just sad that more wasn’t done to preserve it. Could have been something really beautiful to add to the history of the neighborhood.

  • Indeed disheartening to see the old epic fading out but sure the new one will build new dreams. The houtskeletbouw (timber roof frame) needs special attention. Looking forward to the new look.

  • Sad to see the shambles of the timber frame. Going to miss the navy shed. Hope the restoration of this antique is done well.