Memorial for the “Old Williamsburg”

Here’s an interesting email that popped up in the inbox about an event planned for Memorial Day to remember and celebrate the “old Williamsburg” and rail against the new one:

Do you long for that day when ALL you had to mock in Williamsburg was hipsters? Tired of nannies with double wide baby carriages headed to pop-art baby toy stores? Tired of Land Rovers replacing bikes? Tired of specialty pickle shops, artisanal napkin stores and Pilates studios on every block? Tired of condos blocking out your view of Manhattan? Are you just sick and tired of watching sports bars take over your favorite neighborhood dives AND douche them all up?

The event, called “I Am The New Williamsburg!,” features bands, a DJ, and guest performers. Wonder what the effigy is going to look like…
Photo by zachvs

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  • “Are you just sick and tired of watching sports bars take over your favorite neighborhood dives AND douche them all up?”

    Right, cause 2 sports bars (4 if you include Greenpoint) makes it Murray Hill.

  • WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. I was here first and I don’t like change.

  • This whole dialogue is getting tiresome. Lots of neighborhoods change, they get better or they get worse. If you want static move to the suburbs.

  • On a day intended to honor people who sacrificed their life for their country, we have idiots lamenting the frequency of sports bars in their neighborhood. Get a life, navel-gazers.

  • “Do you want to gather as a large group to celebrate all of your collective individuality?”

  • BTW: that is one nice-looking condo in the photo. Screw the navel-gazers. I like it.

  • Land Rovers replacing bikes?
    Sounds like Williamsburg is improving.

  • Williamsburg pretty much has been like this since the early nineties – nothing groundbreaking here.

  • Been going to pilates in WB for 13 years after I f*cked my back up in a construction accident. If you have lower back pain give Elisa a try…Better than any OT I have ever had.

  • the hatred against kids is so weird. as a williamsburg parent, i’d have to say that most parents here have lived in the area for a really long time, probably longer than who ever wrote that. people grow up, get married and have kids. thats the circle of life. the double wide carriage thing means what? anyway. you shouldn’t have 2 kids? cause that’s even more awful?

    • I think the “hatred” is for the parents who act as if their role in the “circle of life” entitles them to disregard the space of others, expect everyone to believe their children are the most brilliant humans ever produced, and integrate said children into any and all social situations, regardless of how inappropriate. These are the same parents who are so self-absorbed they deflect any and all criticism on to their innocent kids.

      But, hey, I will will take nannies with strollers and Land Rover owning trust fund babies over muggers any day of the week. Bring it on…

      • I find the muggers and junkies to be far less rude than the faux hipster set.

        • No mugger ever said, “Your money or your life, PLEASE” to me. Who mugged you? Emily Post?

          • In fact, I was — she stole all my ramps and fiddlehead ferns.

            All kidding aside, how many times have you been mugged? When was the last time one of these stroller moms bumped into you on the street and said “excuse me?” Do hipsters on unicycles ever yield to you while crossing Grand? Do the frat boys who vomit on the sidewalk while you’re walking to the L on your way to work do so in a subtle manner?

          • Apples and oranges, love. I weigh over 300 lbs, so I am amazed when no one bumps into me on the sidewalk. I can handle rude. It’s NYC, baby. I don’t take the L train to work, so I guess I am lucky. I have not been mugged since Koch yelled “How am I doin’?” but the memory lingers…

          • I was too busy counting everyone else’s money in Williamsburg to notice that I was getting jumped–I counted $7,982,011.56 that day.

          • Whatever butters your toast. I wouldn’t mind counting Ms. Lyons’ shoes–I couldn’t care less how much money someone has. I think she has the same shoe size, too. I have a hell of a time finding heels in a men’s twelve that don’t make me look like the opening act for Wig Stock.

          • I’ve never had any of those four things happen to me. Neither have you.

          • What tipped you off first? The unicycles?

          • what is your point? all nonsense? unicycles? my apartment was robbed and i was mugged when i lived in another city, and i was mugged once in Manhattan on the upper east side. All three times it was a minority male. i’ve never been bumped into by a mom with a stroller, but i do have a real issue with people’s dogs peeing on the tree outside of my building. not too many frat boys in in Williamsburg that i’ve seen.

      • i really don’t see selfish actions by parents – quite the opposite. parents here tend to donate time and money and are actively involved in local issues. most are extremely community oriented, and own local restaurants, businesses, galleries and have working art studios in the area or music rehearsal space. I think that the some sort of entitlement is typical of lots of americans including whoever wrote the above, but certainly would not describe williamsburg parents in particular. Also, please stop saying that everyone has a trust fund who lives in williamsburg – it’s just silly. few people have actual trust funds, and young people out of college who get a couple of bucks from their parents are nothing new.

  • I also like the condo in the photo.

  • I was tired of all that stuff back in 2003….that’s why I moved to Wallabout.

  • There used to be a be a good modern-Mexican place by that condo. But if its the one I’m thinking of its not “Williamsburg” as the locations most people nowadays mean when they are dissing it.

  • That’s the condos/apartments over the Mesa Coyoacan restaurant on Graham and it’s more just a new(er) facade than a new building I think. I remember when they did that facade and remodel (7 or so years ago) and I don’t think they tore down the old building. Generally speaking our area over here isn’t the one they are complaining about with condos blocking the views, however people on this side of the Burg do complain about the increasing rents. Being this is the Italian side of the Burg, you don’t really hear people complaining about strollers or families or even the young college type kids as much although there are always a few grumblers.

  • These types of dialogues remind me of the famous scene in the classic movie “Shane” where the old-time rancher Ryker confronts the newly-arrived farmer Starrett. Check out the dialogue, and tell me if things have changed:

    Ryker, the rancher:

    “When I came to this country, you weren’t much older than your boy. We had rough times. Me and other men that are mostly dead now. I got a bad shoulder yet from a Cheyenne arrowhead. We made this country, we found it and we made it, with blood and empty bellies. Cattle we brought in were hazed off by Indians and rustlers. They don’t bother you much any more because we handled ’em. We made a safe range out of this. Some of us died doing it, but we made it. Then people move in who never had to raw-hide it through the old days. They fence off my range and fence me off from water. Some of them plough ditches, take out irrigation water. So the creek runs dry sometimes and I gotta move my stock because of it. And you say we have no right to the range. The men that did the work and ran the risks have no rights? I take you for a fair man, Starrett.”

    Starrett, the farmer

    ” I’m not belittling what you did, but you didn’t find this country. There were trappers here and Indian traders before you. – They tamed this country. – They weren’t ranchers.”

  • where is the building pictured above?

    also, don’t you live in NYC because it’s fluid and dynamic? that would inherently mean change –