Lululemon Opening This Summer at 166 Smith Street

Boerum Hill is getting a Lululemon outlet this summer. The upscale athletic store will open on the ground floor of 166 Smith Street, the former Smith Street Bunker that is undergoing a condo conversion. Back when the above rendering surfaced, Lululemon never confirmed its impending retail presence. But a tipster recently noticed Lululemon signage going up at the commercial space, and this article from Well + Good confirms it. They report that this will be Lululemon’s first “full-service” store with in-store classes and weekly run clubs. It should open by June. In the meantime, Lululemon will close its Park Slope location at 472 Bergen Street. According to Well + Good, the Park Slope outlet will hold a goodbye putluck dinner on Sunday, May 18th.
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  • This place has a cult-like following. I work with a few women who swear by this high-priced work-out gear. I have no doubt they will be hauling in the profits in this new store when it opens.

    Yoga is hard. Running is bad for my knees. No one wants to see me in anything Lulu sells, so I view their clothes as my aspiration wear. Maybe I should bike more…It’s been decades, but the old girl can still pedal if she has to.

  • I just don’t want to see Pete in any of those see-through workout tights.

  • A potluck? How humble! You know the simple, good folk who would come to a potluck for a closing yoga store are all probably excellent cooks. They will serve fiddleheads from the co-op (cooked long enough to destroy the deadly bacteria), eight kinds of quinoa salad, and a refreshing beet and ginger gazpacho with gluten-free crackers.