House of the Day: 687 Monroe Street

We see lots of nice old details in this three-family brownstone; however, the photos show the property mid-renovation. Apparently they’re selling it as a renovated property before it’s done because the listing says “with the option to remodel into 4 Bedroom Duplex and a 3 bedroom rental unit with 3 Bath total, or keep as is with two 2 bedroom apt and one 3 bedroom unit.” What do you think it will look like when they are finished, and how do you like the $869,000 ask?
687 Monroe Street [Bedford Brownstone Realty] GMAP P*Shark

One Comment

  • I don’t like to be super negative on the internet. But Bedford Brownstone properties are some of the most miserable, broken-down, mis-renovated decades ago, filth-encrusted, chopped-up, sad excuses for residential buildings I have ever seen, and in my recent search i have seen a lot. I immediately discount any listing by which I see their name. There are always exceptions but I have yet to see one. I have no stake in this, am not a broker, etc.