Hicks Traffic Calming Initiatives Happening Next Week

Next week the Department of Transportation will begin installing traffic calming measures to Hicks Street as part of its Hicks Street Northbound Traffic Calming Project. The initiative includes curb extensions, bollards, planters, full-time curbside parking, and two dedicated moving lanes. In the east lane along the length of northbound Hicks Street adjacent to the BQE, the DOT will create two 10.5-foot moving lanes alongside a 7-foot parking lane/curb extension. (There’s currently a 10-foot moving lane and an 18-foot parking/moving lane there.) The new configuration narrows the street and will slow down traffic. The curb extensions allow for shorter pedestrian crossings. You can view the full DOT presentation of all the changes to come right here.

One Comment

  • This seems like a very modest plan, so modest that I wonder if it will really slow down traffic. I live West of the BQE, so I cross the highway often, and I see cars going as fast as 45 or 50mph, and I have witnessed some closed calls. This is definitely a good idea for the community. There are lots of families with little kids and elderly people who have to cross. It does look like they are going to redo the sidewalks and widen them a few inches – I’ll take it. It’s also nice to have more parking for a change.