Heights Board Said Citi Bike Did Not Follow Process

Citi Bike asked Community Board 2 in Brooklyn Heights, Downtown, Dumbo and Cobble Hill not to take a position on the bike share program, and only 30 people, mostly cyclists and not homeowners, attended its presentation, according to the board’s district manager, Robert Perris, The New York Post reported. By that time, the locations of the racks had already been chosen, he said. Usually the Department of Transportation asks the board to vote on its proposals, but the bike share program was presented more as a fait accompli. The DOT “did not do enough to engage the public” about rack locations, which have proved controversial in the Heights, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene and elsewhere, with one building suing the City over placement. “We were instructed that they did not want us to vote on bike share,” Perris said. “To me, that seems to indicate a kind of bunker mentality…The DOT brings a lot of initiatives to our board — bike lanes, bike corrals, modifications to the traffic pattern, pedestrian plazas — in almost every single case, we’re asked to take a position.” A DOT spokesman said the allegations were false and the department held 400 public meetings about the program.
Furor Over Cycle No-Vote [NY Post]
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  • Disappointed to hear this from the usually fair minded Rob Perris. What would it possibly have accomplished for CB2 to vote on a program of this magnitude? Bike share was going to happen either way. A (rather unlikely) no vote wouldn’t have accomplished anything other than sowing bitterness in the community.

    Plus, who says cyclists aren’t homeowners? I, for one, am both.

    • I work with Rob from time to time and have spoken with him about bike share. These are not his opinions. He must be speaking for the community board.

      And Minard is wrong. Not, “I disagree with the opinion expressed,” but just plain wrong.

  • The City never listens to a word the community board says anyway. It’s just a box that has to be checked. The whole CB setup is a giant hoax, like elections in China or Cuba.

  • These people have very small minds. what kind of horrors do they expect a few bikes to bring to their buildings. They had their chance to air their views and they missed it, tough. Idiots!