Girl Scouts Make Video to Save Pacific Library

Girl Scout Troop 2657 made this video to save the Pacific Street Library, a property the Brooklyn Public Library plans to sell off. They also started a petition in April, which they read at a press conference on the steps of City Hall. The 17-member troop started advocating for this library because they use its community meeting room every Wednesday. BPL plans call for moving the branch into the new Two Trees development off Fulton Street. The BPL is facing budget cuts and said it cannot afford the $11 million renovation that the building requires. (The BPL also recently put this pop up on their website for Brooklynites to speak out against coming budget cuts.) The proceeds from the building sale would go toward the new branch at the Two Trees site.

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  • It is a nice building, but if Two Trees is going to incorporate a new, state of the art library in the same location, my vote would be to have a new library. It’s not such a great or memorable building that it is worth falling on a sword for. Libraries should adapt to the times, and if they do it right, they will create a good 21st century library with computer, studio and meeting spaces like they did at the Main Branch.

  • Designerbiker:
    Tell that to Harvard, Columbia, Princeton and Yale who retrofit their libraries, the historic architecture part of the appeal to the “best and the brightest.”
    And this is a VERY good building, an interesting combination of the Georgian and Secessionist that’s rare in this town.
    Congratulations to the Girl Scouts (and their stuffed bunny). The video’s very appealing — and Whit Stillmanesque. Who knew a little girl in Brooklyn could have an English accent?

  • They’re moving two blocks away to a much nicer space…can’t the Girl Scouts meet at their new library branch?
    Hasn’t the Brooklyn Library been broke as hell for years, and years, and years, and years? This isn’t a new story…let them get a better building for free. Seems to make sense to me.
    Also seems kinda sickly manipulative for the Park Slope Civic Council which as a NIMBY-BANANA as they get to use these girl scouts to further their unending anti-development agenda

  • The proposed new location is effectively in another neighborhood. It’s on the other side of the notoriously busy Atlantic Ave/Flatbush Ave intersection. Many local parents are not going to let their kids walk there unaccompanied by an adult. So those kids will just lose the library access they currently enjoy. Plus, given the rapidly growing residential population in Downtown Brooklyn, shouldn’t we be adding public libraries, not taking them away? Andrew Carnegie must be rolling in his grave at this news! We talk about the 19th century robber barons as unfettered capitalists but some of them created an extraordinary cultural and educational legacy — Carnegie chief among them. It’s heartbreaking to see this legacy being undermined.