Small but Beautiful on Kent Avenue

233-kent-avenue-042913-1Things sure look different at 233 Kent since we last visited. There’s a whole new building there! Last time we visited it was just an empty lot. It’s a five-story four-family (originally plans called for a four-story three-family). The building has had some problems with the DOB and doesn’t appear to have received its CofO yet, but we have to give them props for the design. It’s simple, yet strong, and fits in well with the nearby brick row houses and factories.
New Building for 233 Kent [Brownstoner] GMAP DOB

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  • good friends lived in the building next door for years, so I’ve been watching this one go up… I wouldn’t exactly call it stunning, but I appreciate that they’ve made way more effort here than we’re seeing with most of the crapheap new builds in the neighborhood.

  • …just couldn’t get the windows to align with the 19th century neighbors, huh? What critical element would the designer be giving up for some archi-harmony for the next hundred or so years….? Brick color – meh. On the other hand, LOVE the windows.

  • I don’t know about “beautiful”. Let’s not set the bar too low. “Passable” might be better.