Slope Condo Conversion Sold Out

Park Slope condo conversion 397 1st Street has sold out, according to developer East River Partners LLC. The townhouse has seven units, all with two bedrooms, ranging in list price from $829,000 to $1,279,000. (Click here for the floor plans.) They went on the market in July, and five of the units sold for slightly above ask, according to Streeteasy, with the most expensive clocking in at $1,302,341. The interiors are a mix of historic and contemporary, with original stained glass, bay windows, and fireplace mantels, as well as new walnut-stained oak floors, open plan kitchens and Caesarstone countertops. Some interior photos can still be seen on the Corcoran web site.
397 1st Street 1R Listing [Corcoran]
Slope Conversion, 397 1st Street, on the Market Soon [Brownstoner] GMAP

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  • While the layouts are not horrible, the lack of light in the living / dining space isn’t the greatest since they are in the air shaft, along with all the inside rooms. But the space is laid out to the best of what it can be.

    It is a shame that these types of buildings are 800K an up??? Amazing, because we all know in our ‘sense of logic” other than the neighborhood they are in, these tenements aren’t worth any more than a 100K, if even that…..

    • ‘gazer, not sure where you’re coming-up with your criticism about price: of course, you’re paying for the location – where do you not pay or save because of location?
      likewise, you seem to have misread the floor plans: the living/dining space gets light from the front bay windows. it’s quite obvious.
      and if you can’t understand why these are higher than most 2 BR’s currently listed in PS, you must have overlooked the fact that these are condos (not co-ops), have been totally remodeled, are in PS321, and the top and bottom floors have outside space.
      perhaps you should pay closer attention before commenting…

  • I agree. Even with this current market these seem quite expensive. Are they in a good school district?

  • > other than the neighborhood they are in, these tenements
    > aren’t worth any more than a 100K

    And the award for “Unclear on Basic Concepts” goes to…

  • to think back in that day these were so cheap, because lets face it, they are crap. nothing more than glorified tenements.


  • It’s the left apartments that only one small air shaft window in the living room. The right apartments put the living room in the bay – these are very similar to some apartments on Sterling near Flatbush which sold quickly for high prices.

  • I thought it was odd to label the units “L” & “R” instead of “E” & “W”.

    What happened to 1L?