G Train More Important, Also Full as Brooklyn Grows

Ridership is growing faster on the G train than any other line in the system, reflecting population increases in Bed Stuy, Greenpoint and elsewhere along its path as well as development downtown, including events at the recently opened Barclays Center. A coalition of politicians and subway riders yesterday called for increased service on the line, which grew 4.2 percent on weekdays last year. State Senators Daniel Squadron and Martin Dilan, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, Council Member Letitia James, Council Member Brad Lander, and members of subway advocacy group the Riders Alliance were among those calling for increased service. “In recent years, the G Train has become vital to the people of central Brooklyn who commute across several neighborhoods in New York City,” said Congresswoman Yvette Clarke. “The MTA should allocate resources and enhance its current transit services to accommodate the increase in ridership.” Added Riders alliance member Annemarie Caruso, “Day after day I make my way down a crowded platform and squeeze into an even more crowded train. Service is not frequent enough to say to myself ‘Oh, I’ll just wait for the next one.’ The next one could be 12 minutes away. I love my fellow Brooklynites, but I am tired of spending my mornings pressed up against them!” The MTA is already studying the issue and expects a report to be completed in June.
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  • The G train may be crowded but so are all of the other lines that span 2-3 boroughs. Most days commuting home I am smashed up against the door or a pole on the B train. More riders + reduced service = NOT GOOD

  • I live 5 blocks off the Clinton/Washington G train and while I agree service is not nearly frequent enough I’ll never understand why Manhattan bound residents bother with it at all. I take the B54 bus which in no time drops you right at the steps of the ACF and it’s a free transfer so I take the A express to Midtown. In the time it takes people to wait for the G and transfer at Lorimer or 23/Ely to get to Manhattan and then get to work I’ve already been in Midtown for at least 20 minutes. I have 4 buses in my neighborhood that would get me to an express train rather than all this waiting and transfer nonsense. Embrace your buses people….do not fear above ground travel!

  • after sandy when the G was running 8 cars it was magical.

  • I notice that at my station (Clinton-Washington) ridership is actually down on weekdays in 2012 compared to 2011. I used to take the G at Clinton-Washington every day to Hoyt and changed to the A/C, but it go so crowded and the wait was so long that I simply have stopped and take the C into Manhattan. If they just added two more cars and ran them every 4 minutes at the height of rush hour (8:00 – 8:45), it would make a huge difference. I would literally wait 12 minutes between trains every day in 2011.

  • I just love the G Train. It connects more interesting, compelling parts of NYC (ok, most of which is Brooklyn…) than any other train line.