Closing Bell: Sunset Park Walking Tour

The Sunset Park Landmarks Committee will hold a walking tour of the neighborhood next Saturday, April 13. Urban historian and former Sunset Park resident Joe Svehlak will lead the tour, which will start at the landmarked courthouse on 43rd Street and 4th Avenue. The walk will focus on history, architecture, ethnic diversity, development, and the area’s potential to become a New York City landmark district (it is already listed on the National Registry of Historic Places). The group is seeking New York City landmark status in part to stop historically inappropriate alterations, of which it has several examples pictured on its website. The two-and-a-half hour tour will end in the area’s Chinatown. To reserve a spot, go here.
Photo of 40th Street by Sunset Park Landmarks Committee

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  • Wonderful! The tour may or may not go to the environs of the 59th St stop of the express N/R at 4th Ave, so you should do that area on your own after the tour concludes at 8th Ave/Chinatown. The mid-50’s through mid-60’s between 4th & 6th Aves is for the most part (there some definite ugly exceptions) the prettiest, calmest, most non-cliche brownstone/limestone section of Brooklyn. One of the safest precincts in Brooklyn (no public housing projects). The bane of the neighborhood is the Chinese developers but thankfully there are relatively few, and they are centered around 7th Avenue. As a whole, for rental apartments, SP is the most affordable brownstone neighborhood in Brooklyn. It is the largest urban National Landmark in the country! One day, NYC Historic District, fingers crossed. Be there, ‘stoners.

  • It’s a great neighborhood with a lot of potential. The park has wonderful views, though can look a little forlorn. But they’re working on it. Unfortunately some of the older row houses have been fitted with stainless steel doors, railings and gates.Though I’ve yet to see someone do that to a brownstone.

  • I want to go to this! Montrose and me are giving a tour with MAS NY the next day of Bedford Stuyvesant….

  • It is the Chinese that install the SS doors and fences. Every Chinese house has them. They will all be different doors, but they will all be SS.

    Talk about ruining the facade to the building. The Chinese have zero taste……

  • I’m going. I am eager to learn about Sunset Park, a neighborhood that I know very little about. Afterwards, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Sunset Park in my BOTD’s.

  • some really racists comments in this thread…

  • I doubt landmark will be approved, those are some ugly “inappropriate alterations” expect to see a lot more! The Chinese developers are buying up everything south of 5th Ave.

    • The Chinese developers are buying east of 6th Ave (from 6th Ave to 7th Ave, to 8th Ave and points east, etc.) They want to be near 8th Ave, the commercial strip. Thankfully they are averse to anything with the number “4” in it, because 4 means death in Chinese, so the very beautiful brownstone and limestone blocks of Sunset Park between 4th & 5th Aves have facades that are relatively unscathed. This is not racist, it is a fact that developers do not value historic NYC architecture. In SP, the developers are often investment firms based in China. The Chinese homeowners themselves do seem to prefer shiny aluminum, what stargazer said is plain truth. The residents themselves are fine, I got to know several during 8 years living in Sunset Park. They are a plus for the area, but not for the brownstone preservation movement and that is undeniable.

      • You are correct in that it is the ugly alterations that are deisliked, not the people. Youare not correct about the 4 stopping the shine from appearing on the 400 blocks. There is plenty now, including on some 3 story brownstone buildings in addition to the smaller row houses. I have been told that the chrome (that’s what I call it) is preferred because it does not need to be painted. There are also ugly and ungainly alterations of many of the stoops. Granted, the stone is deteriorating on some of them, but they can be rehabbed in a tasteful way (treads only.)