Closing Bell: PLG Arts Presents at Tugboat

Longtime Prospect Lefferts Gardens resident, photographer, old-house enthusiast, and Brownstoner commenter Bob Marvin will be curating a PLG Arts group show at Tugboat Tea Company at 546 Flatbush Avenue. The show goes up tonight, and there will be a reception Thursday, April 4, from 6 pm to 9 pm. The show features the work of 22 local artists in many media, including paintings, photographs and sculpture. The exhibit is the beginning of an ongoing monthly collaboration between Tugboat and PLG Arts.  The nonprofit is about six years old and has produced art shows, theater, a crafts market and murals in the neighborhood. Above, “Flowers” by Otto Neals. Click through to the jump to see more highlights from the show.
Marcia Lloyd.
Barbara Caban.
“Latest Obsession” by Sally Mara Sturman.

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  • Thank you Cate for running this.

  • Thanks Cate for running this as well. Please post more art / gallery events going on in Brownstone Brooklyn, as there’s a lot of great artists living amongst us and only a smattering of galleries in these hoods compared with Williamsburg/Bushwick .. I think this is just as relevant if not more relevant to the community as much as the opening / closing of new restaurants and stores on Smith St or 5th Ave. Connect this Brownstoner community with the artist community and good things can happen.

  • There was also an item about a new gallery opening in Park Slope. I think that if we pass information about the arts along to Cate or Emily they’ll be glad to use it.

  • Hi to Bob and all PLGers. I remember organizing an art show for PLG way back, probably around 1974 or ’75. I’m so happy that the neighborhood and the organization have lasted so long. Cleaning my attic out here in the sticks, I came across the original paste-up boards for the first edition of The Good News circa 1972. The “type” was set on an electric typewriter at Bruce Raskin’s office on Dean Street. This coming weekend we’re going to his daughter’s wedding in Cancun. We’ve been friends with people we met in PLG for over 40 years!

    • Hi Henry–it’s been a long time!

      The art show is done under the auspices of PLG Arts, a relatively new group, founded about 6 years ago; PLGNA (former publisher of the Good News newsletter) is still around, in it’s third or fourth incarnation since disappearing for about 10 years, starting in the early ’90s; the Lefferts Manor Assoc. solders on and is starting to plan something for its 2019 centennial.

      • Dear Bob, I don’t even know how I stumbled across this site. But, I’m glad i did. AND, very strange because just a few days ago we mentioned your name. Kathy and I are going to Bruce and Ellen Raskin’s (formerly of 33 Midwood St.) daughter’s “destination” wedding in Cancun, Mexico. The last time we went there was over 25 years ago and when I left my car at a long term parking place, I met Elaine. We rode to the airport on the parking co.’s bus together. I mentioned this to Kathy just this past weekend. “Coincidence …….. or not?