Building Boom for Bushwick?

dob-apps-q12013-041813The Wyckoff Heights blog noted a jump in applications for new buildings and alterations in Bushwick in the first quarter of this year. If the Department of Buildings were to approve every one, about 200 new units of housing would come on the market. For some perspective, that’s between half to one-third the number of units applied for in the same period in Williamsburg and Greennpoint combined. (Right now, Williamsburg has the largest number of construction sites in Brooklyn.) The blog created a series of maps showing where the new builds would be located and how many apartments in each one. The biggest area of activity is not the loft area where Roberta’s is located, but an area the blog calls “Bushwick West,” south of Flushing and East of Broadway. Click through to the original story to see more maps.
1Q-2013 Review — DOB Applications [Wyckoff Heights Blog]
Map by Wyckoff Heights Blog

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  • Cypress Hills is next… By Fulton the housing stock is much more historically appealing and the park is very close… Trains are in abundance… Eventually it will reach Woodhaven in Queens….. Effing White Folks… Even in the Latino community Puerto Ricans & Dominicans are being replaced by Mexicans and their Tacos… The Nuyorican accent is heard more in Florida than here… New York City culture is dying in such rapid pace… :(

  • The “loft area” where Roberta’s is located is not Bushwick, its East Williamsburg. Bushwick is CB 4; Roberta’s is in Greenpoint / Williamsburg / East Williamsburg’s CB 1.

    • East Williamsburg is not a real neighborhood, it’s a false term popularized by real estate agents to cash in on Williamsburg’s trendiness, particularly when Bushwick was more stigmatized. Roberta’s is part of Bushwick.