A Look at This Year’s House Tours

Warm weather means house tour season is starting soon! Not every neighborhood association has published its 2013 tour dates yet, which run through October, but here are some of the upcoming ones that have been set:

Brooklyn Heights
May 11
Brooklyn Heights Association
Brooklyn Heights Blog

Park Slope
May 19
Park Slope Civic Council

Prospect Lefferts Gardens
June 2
Lefferts Manor Association

Victorian Flatbush
June 9
Flatbush Development Corp.

Correction: As of yet, there is no Fort Greene house tour scheduled for this year.
Photo by the Park Slope Civic Council

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  • Say hello if you see me on the PLG tour; I’ll be the fat, mustached old guy, wearing a dorky Tilly hat, with two cameras around his neck, who’s allowed to take photos inside the houses. I’ll be at some of the other tours too, but slightly less obvious (albeit still fat, old, and mustached).

    • I’ll be the fat, probably limping old lady, wearing Belgian shoes and a Barbour Bedale, with my iPhone politely stashed in my tote bag, who will be thrilled to meet another Brooklyn resident who remembers when brownstones cost less than a new Mercedes.

      • My brownstone cost less, in nominal dollar terms,, than a new Mercedes (or even a Honda Accord) costs NOW, but cars cost much less in the ’70s, so even in 1974 my relatively low priced house cost as much as a few new Mercedes.

        • In 1973, my father bought a new Mercedes 450SL for $13,100. Obviously, that would not have purchased a brownstone in the early 70’s. Last month, my boss bought a 2013 Mercedes S550 for $98,000. Cars have more options, bigger engines, and so forth, today.
          I was referring to a 2013 Mercedes, but I should have been more specific. Or I should have just said: “less than $100,000.” I don’t know what the inflation adjustment would be, but it isn’t important at this point, my dear. It is nearly five and I need a personality drink. I will aspire to be more specific when I make cost comparisons to earlier times.
          As it is, I am becoming one of those people I once pitied who go around lamenting about how much cheaper everything used to be.

          • Well, there you are; my house cost more than TWO Mercedes!
            I think the inflation factor for the early ’70s is about 7X (which works out nearly perfectly for the car; my house was still a steal).

  • Bob, fat? No one is ever going to recognize you if you describe yourself this way, ha!