Protesters Ask City to Stop Construction at City Point

Unions and community groups are demanding Bloomberg stop construction at City Point in Downtown Brooklyn and study the impact of low wages there, The New York Daily News reported. They allege that construction workers are being paid $15 an hour instead of higher union wages, up to $47 an hour. A Bloomberg spokeswoman said City Point is “a linchpin for revitalization in downtown Brooklyn” and has had a positive impact on jobs here. The project has created more than 180 construction jobs, some union and some not, and of those employees, “82 percent were minorities and 41 percent were local residents, more than doubling target goals,” she said. The City owns the site and “has provided more than $20 million in taxpayer-funded bonds” for its development, said the story. Councilman Steve Levin said he supports the call for a stop-work order and competitive wages, according to the Daily News.
Coalition Calls for Halt to City Point Project [NY Daily News]

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  • Wait, shouldn’t the workers be the ones protesting if they are getting low wages? I’m confused what standing community groups have in the issue.

  • So, so tired of all the fighting over development in DT Brooklyn. Let progress happen, people.

  • People should be happy they have jobs at all in Brooklyn a place that’s become the envy of the world over.
    From the Mayor’s spokeswoman it appears as if City Point is an excellent project but guess you can’t satisfy everyone!

  • So if the workers being paid “low” aren’t union – these people want them fired so their union friends get the job? Typical. Organized. Thuggery.

  • Disgusting union thuggery. Fire local people who I’m sure are thrilled just to have jobs so that some white ethnic ironworker from New Jersey can get paid $47 bucks an hour…..and than the electeds scratch their heads and wonder why condos cost so much.

  • Okaay, I get the gist of the thread: Unions suck, they are thugs, and people should be “grateful” to have a low wage job etc, etc.

    Private developers can pay their workers minimum wage on their “private” projects for all I care but, if this is city land and the city is providing bonds to a private “for profit” developer, $15 an hour, for a construction job, if true – is a disgrace.

    • So, in your system, who decides the wage for an employee if not the free market?

      According to the article the developer exceeded the city’s hiring targets by over 200%. This deal has already been brokered so why should the city have the right to all of a sudden change the terms of the agreement? Because a community group demanded it?

      • arch – perhaps you did not read my post carefully.

        1) This is not a “free market” project. Again, if it was – as I’ve said, it could be minimum wage for all I care.

        2) Nowhere in my post did I advocate for a “sudden change” of terms or a stop of construction. IMO, Fulton Mall needed this type of project. A brokered deal is a brokered deal, however, that doesn’t mean that if what is alleged is true, it is a fair one, for those workers or us nyc taxpayers.

        So I will stick to what I said: The ALLEGED, ( I said “if true” in my post) – $15 an hour for a “construction” job – union or not, on city owned land, on a project, partially funded by tax-payers, is a disgrace.

    • Minimum wage is not $15 for one thing. Plus, I suspect many are makingmore than $15, just not the “laborers”

  • “Brooklyn a place that’s become the envy of the world over.”

    You ought to sit down and relax. You must be TIRED from flying so high!

    • eastnewyork believe it we are very relaxed and know of what we speak! Relatives of ours in France and friends in Japan are crazy about Brooklyn…try relaxing too it helps when you fly so low!!

      • Would your French relatives do heavy labor for $15 and no rights in the workplace?

        • No rights in the workplace Milton. Either you’re an idiot or know zero about history. There’s a big difference in getting a paycheck that may be lower than one would like and having no rights.
          Can everyone stop their screaming banshee impersonations and either get on board with progress and show ourselves to be united New Yorkers or please just leave ny and see how things are elsewhere. The negativity to every single thing that happens is unbelievable. Apparently so many of us are spoiled that we don’t know how good we have it.

  • Glad City Point is happening, because it will be great for the area. Glad these people are protesting, because labor needs to at least remind people it exists these days. The end. Nothing more will come of this.

  • I go both ways on this. Workers should get paid fair wages and for construction workers unions are sometimes the only way to achieve this. That being said, I don’t agree with the fear of development that seems to be a concern for some. This is NYC, its all about development and growth. I am a person of color and the downtown brooklyn that was there before was just a bunch of mobile phone stores and sneaker cap stores. I believe the area can have condos next to low income housing, low and high end retail. Its rediculous that we would want to keep downtown brooklyn as crapy as it used to be. If you don’t want change, move to Wyoming of Utah were things rarely change.