No Garden for P.S. 133?

Over the weekend, a tipster noticed that the School Construction Authority paved all of the exterior space behind and beside the new P.S. 133 building along 4th Avenue. As part of the construction agreement, in which the original P.S. 133 building was torn down along with the existing garden, the SCA promised that they would build a replacement garden for residents. But here’s the latest:

We now hear that the replacement “new community garden” will consist of asphalt with a fence around it (the moorings for the fence post are visible in the picture above as little yellow dots on the asphalt — the much smaller garden is to the right of those dots.) Anyone who wants to garden there — parents at the school, former gardeners — will need to bring in everything from scratch — and pay for it. No paths, raised beds, no obvious drainage, dirt, tool shed, benches — nothing but asphalt.

Concerned residents are encouraged to get in touch with Council Member Steve Levin and Community Board Six about the issue. Residents had not been notified the SCA wasn’t planning on building a full replacement garden, and Levin told residents he would follow up with the SCA.

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  • From the SCA’s final EIS
    “The DEIS provided an analysis of the project’s effects on open space and recreational facilities in accordance with the methodology provided in the CEQR Technical Manual. As discussed in the DEIS, the proposed project would include a new community garden to replace the existing Baltic Street Community Garden at PS 133. The new community garden would occupy approximately 3,000 SF along the southeastern side of the schoolyard. Although it would be smaller than the existing community garden, the new community garden would continue to provide this community amenity on the school site.”
    “The SCA recognizes that the community garden is an important asset to the community. However, as discussed in the DEIS, the removal of the existing community garden is necessary to facilitate the development of the proposed project. Therefore, the SCA would provide a new community garden on the school site. As noted in the response to Comment 2 above, although the new community garden would be smaller than the existing community garden, it would continue to provide this important community amenity”

  • Maybe the asphalt is just temporary during construction.

  • Why would you waste materials, manhours and money to pave over something so you can tear it up later? Oh, wait, SCA.

    I’m still pissed they tore down that beautiful Snyder school. It could have been adapted along with an addition, for modern day use.

  • The SCA built a beautiful new school that will stand for another hundred years – who cares about what was an overgrown lot.

  • Dear Neighborhood:

    We are tearing down your beautiful old school! But we’ll give you back a better one in its place. Oh wait! Just kidding. We’ll make this new school a lottery school and your kids can go elsewhere when they lose. Good luck! Also, we will take away your community garden but replace it. Oh wait! Just kidding. We will give you a patch of asphalt in the shade. Enjoy!

    Mayor Bloomberg

  • They replaced the garden with a yard. They didn’t even just level the soil and permit gravel paths and wooden sided planters. Honestly, how much do used railroad ties planters cost. Prime jerks.

  • well_phed channeling George Saunders.

  • Asphalt means only one thing: parking for staff. Let’s not forget what’s important. Education of the children is only an unintended by-product.

  • are you complaining about not having public space within a public space?