Myrtle Plaza Design Is Finally a Go

This week the Public Design Commission finally approved the plans for the Myrtle Plaza, a pedestrian-streets design for Myrtle Avenue between Hall Street and Emerson Place. The plan to revamp the avenue, add community programing and public art, and construct a two-block pedestrian plaza between Hall and Grand has long been delayed. Specific improvements include better crossings, new bus stops, new trees and planters, game tables, a water fountain, a permanent art installation, and moveable tables and chairs. Myrtle Minutes reported that construction will begin this summer and will last for more than a year. The Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership has a Flickr set with all the proposed designs for the avenue.
Public Design Commission Approves Designs for Myrtle Plaza [Myrtle Minutes]
Photo via myrtle_avenue_brooklyn

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  • WTF is going on? Why does EVERY new development in BK look like some regurgitation of Metrotech?

    SRLSLY!!?!!?! What is the point of uber-sanitizing like 3 blocks out of 200 on Myrtle?

    I mean I know why, it’s to make the condo-people and Pratt freshman feel less icky. Nevertheless, these kind of developments chip away at Brooklyn’s character – and look silly / out of place.

    • i like it. i don’t think this will look horribly out of place next to the Pratt building nor will it in any way “chip away at BK’s character.” to each their own… you could argue that anything new anywhere looks uber-sanitized but so what?

  • The plan was actually approved by PDC on November 13, 2012. The Myrtle Minutes post was re-entered and back-dated.

  • I don’t know if I would go so far as saying that that strip with the post office and Associated is rich in Brooklyn character (though that could be argued for Myrtle west of Hall) but that’s probably because I’m a condo-people. As long as no one pushes out the White Castle, I’m ok with it.

  • Any word on what’s going on with the Associated Supermarket? All of the other buildings in the strip have been shuttered. Despite many emails asking Brownstoner to do a story on the subject matter they have so far refused. Does President Schuette wield that much power as President of MARP?

  • I’m with goodiesfirst – this looks like a decent plan, but they best step away from the Castle