Floor Plan Available for 364 Union Street Conversion

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Floor plans are now available for the three-bedroom condo unit at 364 Union Street, a Carroll Gardens condo conversion now under construction. The building will consist of four three-bedroom units and and one garden duplex, with prices ranging from $1.15 to $1.6 million. Halstead will be marketing the development this spring, and the building will be ready for occupancy this winter. There’s currently a placeholder site up, but no renderings of units yet. The building is being renovated by East River Partners, a firm that buys up multifamilies in Park Slope and Carroll Gardens and converts them into small condo developments.
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  • With no dimensions on the floor plans, it’s impossible to tell whether this is a cramped or generous space… but I will say I’m no fan of the 2 small bedrooms having no windows other than the ones facing the tiny air shaft. Those are sure to be dungeon-like in all but the top-floor unit.
    Also, will the top floor have roof rights?

  • The little bedroom next to thew kitchen I would make that the dining room, and open it all up with the kitchen.

    I would get rid of the double sinks in the master, because that apartment does not need 4 sinks. I would rather have more counter space. LOL

    The home office would be a walk in closet, because thats what is really is, don’t be fooled.

    The dining room now in the living room is where the desk would go, calling that an office, I hate to be tucked away when i am at the computer.

    other than that, it looks cool.

  • Based on the scale of those bathroom fixtures, those bedrooms look pretty tiny.