Broken Angel Eviction Postponed

While friends and neighbors gear up for a block party later today to send off Broken Angel creator Arthur Wood, he has been granted a temporary respite from eviction of just a few weeks, reported The New York Daily News. The Brooklyn Housing Court has postponed his eviction date to March 31. The block party will start with a late-afternoon barbecue followed by dancing at the Irondale Center. The organizers expect a turnout of 1,000 people. After long foreclosure proceedings, which Wood fought in court, the building is now under possession of a new owner. It recently went back on the market for $4.5 million. Above, a photo of the building after Woods partly dismantled it because the structure did not meet the building code. “It’s one of the weirdest, most beautiful buildings in New York — and his life’s work,” said one of the party organizers, Shalin Scupham. “And it’s being taken away.”
Eviction Postponed for Artist Who Created Broken Angel Building [NY Daily News]

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  • Why should he get a respite??? He’s been foreclosed upon most likely because he hasn’t been paying his mortgage and probably for quite a long time.

    The sense of self entitlement here in NYC is ridiculous and it’s reinforced by the liberal Courts.

    When does one actually start to take responsibility for their actions.

    If I had the time or inclination I’d go to that party with a bullhorn and ask these questions all day long.

  • i cannot wait to stop hearing about this place.

  • Nobody took it away from Arthur Wood. He simply didn’t pay the mortgage.

  • Why is there love for this dump? I really don’t get it. I imagine the show Hoarders every time i see a picture of it.

  • i’m only going to the bbq if shahn andersen is there.

  • The man is in his 70s or 80s. Lost his wife to cancer. Had a kooky vision which brought delight to many, including myself and my now ten year old son. I’m not sorry that the wheels of capitalism aren’t spinning fast enough for some. He got caught up in his vision at the expense of building regulations and now a mortgage taken out (I believe) in an overly optimistic plan to redevelop the property. Sorry we will be out of town for the party.

  • OK, so it’s all OK since he “got caught up in his vision.”

    I see.

  • “If I had the time or inclination”

    Or the guts.

  • it scares me a little but i have to agree with Dave on this. We live in a society based on laws and personal responsibility. It is therefore surprising when a judge capriciously suspends those rules and does not allow a case like this, which has been kicking around for years, to be finally resolved.
    We need to move on.

  • clearly what happened to Arthur goes beyond ‘he simply didn’t pay his mortgage.’ i sure wish somebody could piece together what happened here, going all the way back to the Shahn Andersen days.

    i can kind of piece together some info (mostly from ACRIS): the Woods essentially sold BA to Andersen as Broken Angel LLC/Angel Rehabilitation LLC with the belief his interests would be protected. Andersen took out $4mill to develop the property, but the loans were recalled by the lender, effetively killing the project. then it’s unclear what happened but foreclosure proceedings kicked in last year and the bank turned the property over to Downing New York LLC, who then sold the property to “4-8 Downing Purchaser LLC” for $2mill. seriously, what’s with all these LLCs??

    clearly Arthur never should have made that initial deal, although I remember how the DOB was breathing down his neck (it still wouldn’t surprise me if the DOB hired somebody to start the fire that brought all this on). i doubt any homeowner here could endure the kind of scrutiny he received during that time (and into that truncated development phase).

    anyway it’s not as if this was a simple tenant/landlord case, and it’s awfully shallow to say capitalism is the only worthwhile arbiter. i hope Arthur continues to give as good as he gets.

  • To paraphrase Bill Murray, cats and dogs must be living together in sin because I find myself agreeing with both dave and Minard, as well as no-permits, buttermilkchannel and mh330.

  • He built a structure that didn’t adhere to building codes and could have created an un-safe situtation for others. Seems high risk kto have him as kooky neighbor.

  • “I have better things to do on a Sat or Sun, like brunch.”

    I must admit, that is better.

  • i read somewhere that tish james set up the partnership between shahn and wood. i always knew she was no good.

  • DIBS, when are you going to change your name to Dave in Bucks?

  • From the reaction of the building department onwards the way the city has dealt with this building is absurd. This building should have been given much more careful consideration before the DoB forced Arthur to start dismantling it. It’s a work of art and frankly there are other precedents for preserving ad hoc structures like this that are deemed culturally worthy. Take a look at Watts Towers in LA– a city not particularly known for preservation or art. Though the city considered tearing it down due to concerns about its earthquake readiness, it remains and is a historic landmark and a tourist attraction. Salvation Mountain in the California desert is another. These structures were built without permits by driven, creative and eccentric outsider artists and there is nothing else like them to be found anywhere. Arthur certainly got into an incredible amount of financial trouble, but to write off the significance of this building simply because of the money issues is short sighted and just kind of sad. Developers have the financial ability to put up hundreds of fedders houses all over Brooklyn, but that definitely does not make this a better city to live in. Broken Angel for all of its problems, certainly does. And this city, where art is supposed to be held in high regard and where half of all the slabs of brownstone that fell off a truck a hundred years ago are landmarked, should have found a better way to deal with this.

  • How is Arthur Wood the victim? We should just look the other way with safety and building codes put in place after years of tragedies like the Triangle Shirt Waste Factory because this man is an “artist”? This is ridiculous. If it’s so beautiful, get an engineer or architect to certify that it meets codes and no one (occupant or emergency responder) will be injured, and get a damn permit.

  • That ugly pile was his lifes work? It took an entire lifetime
    to achieve this “thing”? Oh yes – a real latter day Sistene Chapel.

    In that vein, perhaps it could be moved to Rome, as a gift to the new Pope,
    who’d graciously say thank you & use it to store abuse allegation records – Lord knows it’s at least big enough for that!

    The worshipping & fawning over this monstrosity as a work of art truly boggles the mind.

    Scarano to the rescue! (Hey – by comparison…)

  • The picture here is “post amputation” of the soaring (sort of!) tower structure. I think I’ll teach my son to have appreciation for eccentrics, artists, and impossible dreamers rather than the smugness of money worshipping johnny come lately masters of the universe types. If I have to choose between an “LLC” and Arthur Wood, I vote for the crazy old coot.

  • Thank you ralphgardens and putnamdenizen, as well as Jimmylegs.

  • Someone threw Arthur under the bus…

  • WOW…Minard’s 1st comment was not visible to me, but that’s DISQUS

  • ” I think I’ll teach my son to have appreciation for eccentrics, artists, and impossible dreamers rather than the smugness of money worshipping johnny come lately masters of the universe types. If I have to choose between an “LLC” and Arthur Wood, I vote for the crazy old coot.”

    J/K Putnam!!!!!