Walgreens Meeting Tomorrow Night in Windsor Terrace

After a lot of protest from Windsor Terrace residents and local politicians concerning a Walgreens replacing the now-defunct Key Foods at 589 Prospect Avenue, Walgreens is expected to present their plans to the community. In a concession to the neighborhood, Walgreens representatives promised that the store would dedicate a significant amount of space to fresh produce and meat, possibly meaning that the Walgreens may share the building with a grocery outlet. Tomorrow at 6:30pm, at Shepherd’s Hall, Holy Name Church at 245 Prospect Park West, Walgreens reps will unveil the plans. According to a meeting notice, they will have a rendering of the building and details about the space. Management will also be there to answer any questions from residents.

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  • How can the neighborhood “Demand” a supermarket – wouldnt it be up to the LL and a potential grocer? What if no supermarket wants the property? Would the neighborhood prefer keeping it vacant. If the neighborhood “demands” then they should start a food co-op and fund it themselves.
    People are crazy

    • Really?? What country do you live in? Do you have any knowledge about the topic or do you just enjoy seeing your cute moniker in the comment section? Read the facts about this Windsor Terrace site, which have been well documented in the press. This is America and in this country, when the general public is outraged by the actions of the free market, we use nonviolent protests and the press to pressure billion dollar companies to do good for the general public. In this case, many, many supermarkets were interested in the space, but Walgreens just offered more cash. We the people, through grass roots efforts joined together to pressure Walgreens and the LL to meet the public’s need for food. Bike racks didn’t just magically appear in Williamsburg because of a sudden demand, people lobbied local politicians to have them installed so their Thrift store bikes would be safe. Individuals make an effort everyday on behalf of the public and politician and companies change their stance and actions to continue to have their support. Welcome to America brklynmind….

      • It’s one of the most misguided “protests.” While no fan of Walgreens or any major corporate entity bull dozing their way into a community, they didn’t just move into a neighborhood and take over. The previous owner sold it to Walgreens. If so many grocery stores were interested and Walgreens just paid more cash, if anything you should protest the seller’s actions. ( Hello hellantic yards?) There was no mis doings there. While people can be unhappy about the Walgreens, and want and need a grocery ( which is true), they need to find a place to open one, or try to appeal to Walgreens, but protesting the Walgreens in this case seems a bit off the mark. If I open a pizza place and you wanted a burger joint, you can’t really ( rationally) protest against me for not opening what you wanted. Sounds like the perfect place for a smart business mind to open a grocery elsewhere, if possible. Yet, it seems that Walgreens is, since it does behoove them trying to hear the community on what they want/need. Even offered shuttles to Fairway (pre Sandy) that community members refused to take. America Brklynmind seems to be only when something directly affects a person.

        • You have your facts wrong and your logic. Walgreens is leasing the property, they did not buy it. Many, many grocery stores were interested, but Walgreens offered cash up front to win the lease and yes, the landlord was greedy. The community first reached out to the owner with the local politicians, but despite earning his living for 30 yrs on the backs of this community, he refused to budge. We then pressured Walgreens to reconsider their lease since the community needs a supermarket and, if your been to WT, you would know that this is the only viable spot and has been a supermarket for over 60 years. The community has a right to protest. Walgreen opening will effect property values, local businesses, like the two family owned pharmacies two blocks away and leave a community without food. If you open a burger joint and people refuse to go, they are in fact protesting, though passively. All we did was tell WGs that if they failed to listen to our needs we would not shop there. They listened to us and now we get a supermarket and a WGs and people can choose not to shop there if they want. Finally, WGs did not set up van service to Fairway. Fairway did. It was a complete failure because folks that need the supermarket can’t dedicate hours to traveling and waiting for everyone to shop and the timing was terrible. Not to mention that Fairway has been closed since hurricane Sandy. Say what you want, but community grass roots organization works and has helped keep WT a viable vibrant community with a centralized community supermarket. We win….