The Candy Rush Is Now Cool Pony

The Candy Rush, the vintage candy and ice cream shop at 733 Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights, has shuttered and is quickly being renovated. The new sign up reads “Cool Pony,” and we hear it’ll be more of a nighttime/arts space. Given the quick turnaround, it’s likely that the biz is still run by Kevin Phillip and Garnett Alcindor who opened the Candy Rush in the summer of 2011 and own the building it’s in. Are you sad to see the Franklin Avenue sweets spot go? GMAP

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  • Was wondering what was going on in there, still looks far from done as of last night. It was exciting when Candy Rush was coming, but just never felt all that comfortable inside in terms of seating. Too bad. Clearly Ample Hill figured out the right space and model…since we’d often walk all the way there instead. Wish Kevin and Garnett nothing but luck. Good people.

  • Almost positive it’s not being run by them (I have a bird’s eye view of the space and can see comings and goings) But Kevin and Garnett do own the building. They’re renting out the storefront.

  • Yes, I wasn’t a fan of Candy Rush but I valued it’s presence. It was a truly unique place in Crown Heights. Always something was happening. And now, this came… It’s like something out of Williamsburg (for better or worse) made it’s way to our ‘hood.

    From their website:
    “We are currently expanding our back patio, projection area, outdoor stage and aqua-ponic herb garden and hope to be selling plants and doing bike rentals by the summer.”