Rental of the Day: 252 Brooklyn Avenue

This looks like a spacious duplex apartment in Crown Heights at 252 Brooklyn Avenue. The are two bedrooms, a master bedroom and an office, as well as outdoor space, a dining room and what sounds like lots of closets. The rent is $3,000/month which may seem high for Brooklyn Avenue, but that seems to be the going rate in that part of the neighborhood these days. Because the apartment looks plenty spacious and has that outdoor space, we guess there will be a decent amount of interest in it.
252 Brooklyn Avenue [Triumph Property] GMAP P*Shark

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  • Um… No… This is a mile from the amenities that are driving up the prices.

  • This is the lower duplex in one of the Kinko houses, built around 1911. It was built as a duplex, with an upper duplex with a separate entrance above. Unfortunately, all the period charm is long gone. It would probably have had a Colonial Revival style interior, or perhaps Craftsman. The Kinko houses had both kinds of interior decor.

    That said, what are they doing to my old neighborhood? No wonder I left, the prices are getting so absurd, you have to wonder if they just throw them up there to see how many people come to see it. Come on – $3000? I love CHN, but this is not hip and happening Franklin Ave. It’s not bad, neighborhood wise, but far from supermarkets, there’s only one restaurant, Basil, and only one bank, B of America, on Eastern Parkway and Kingston. The subway is relatively close, which is great, because you have to leave the neighborhood for most things. I think this part of Crown Heights is very beautiful, and has a lot to offer, but for those looking for amenities, they are 5 years away, at the earliest. People are still hesitant to put amenities on Kingston Avenue.

    • Ah, Montrose!

      You helped put Crown Heights on the map!

      The prices are product of the law of unintended consequences!


    • I mostly agree with you, Montrose, but there is an Apple Bank branch only one block further away than the Bank of America. There’s also a supermarket (albeit neither a big nor a high end one) on Kingston. Just a short walk further, on Kingston south of the parkway, you also can find a dry cleaner, Gombo’s bakery, a good fruit store, and a fish store. What the area does not have, however, are the cherished hipster bars.

      • OK, I forgot a few things. I don’t know how I could forget Banco Popular, as I love that building. See what happens when you move away? The mind goes.

        I think it’s because I still think the price is too high. Isn’t this the part of the neighborhood that still gets the “is it safe?????” posts on Brooklynian and in the Forum? (that’s sarcasm, I’ve never thought the place was NOT safe enough.)

  • Is 4.5 blocks really that far? Assuming you’re talking about Franklin Ave. just north of Eastern Parkway…Asking because we looked at some houses around there.

    • It’s a bit of a hike to Franklin Ave from Brooklyn Ave. Almost a mile, so not something I’d do so casually. That said, you could grab a quart of milk along Nostrand if you needed to.

    • Those are awfully long blocks between Brooklyn Avenue and Franklin. Sure, it’s doable, but it’s not a skip down the block. You have NY Ave, Nostrand, Rogers, Bedford and then Franklin.

      It’s a bit like saying there are only a few blocks between 5th ave and 8th ave on 57th st. in Manhattan.

      And not everyone has, or wants, a bike. Not every renter is a young, fit twenty-something, either.

  • That price is ludicrous.

  • greater fool of real estate theory in black and white!

  • Seems like pretty close to market price for a renovated duplex with a yard. Try and find a floor-through for less than $1500, even out there. And 5 minute bike ride to the new bike corral on Franklin Avenue, for all your hipster shopping needs. This will rent at ask, I bet.

  • “Seems like pretty close to market price for a renovated duplex with a yard.”

    I agree. They should get the number or close to it.

    FYI, there is an Apple Bank at Albany and Eastern Parkway, a bank at Eastern Parkway and Bedford, and more banks at Utica and Eastern Parkway.

  • it’s not too bad of a walk if you’re going to franklin for entertainment – but way too long to benefit from the express trains.

  • How many times have I read this in a “Rental of the Day” piece: “Rent is $[insert astronomical figure], which may seem high, but…”

    Stop justifying and apologizing for these outrageous rents. Brooklyn is so over, BTW.