Photo Pool Challenge: Wallpaper Wrap-up

After several years of looking, we have finally found the wallpaper for the front and back rooms on our parlor floor, and everything else has fallen into place. Now that we know the plan for every room, we’ve been ordering fabric samples, curtains, rugs, light fixtures and furniture. We had wanted to avoid the cliche of William Morris wallpaper in a Victorian house, and sampled dozens of papers from a variety of sources both new and historic (we even visited the D&D Building!) but only the Morris papers worked with our interiors. In fact, they seem to have been custom designed for our rooms, matching our dark woodwork, faux painted mantles, and the original paint on the picture railings perfectly — even the former occupant’s wallpaper from the middle of the last century. It’s uncanny. In the living room, we are using William Morris’ Blackthorn wallpaper, pictured above. In the bedroom, we are going with Morris’ Lily Leaf, a diminutive leaf pattern that echoes the view out back. Click through to see more photos.

Above and below: The metallic ink in another Morris paper, Honeycombe, reflects light in the staircase hall.

Honeycombe in Gold and Thistle, from Sanderson, above.

For modern relief, we’re going with a new paper in the back hall, Azul Wallpaper by Ana Montiel, that is very much a product of the Aesthetic Movement of our time. The contrast of the leafy green paper in the bedroom will be visible through the hall door, above.

The dark green in Morris’ Lily Leaf matches our mantel and picture railing, above and below.

In the garden floor hall, a delicate wildflower pattern from Carter & Co., below

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  • Beautiful choices! My favorite is the first one pictured. Glad you found the “right stuff”.

  • Oh cool. Can’t want to see what it looks like hung. It must be tricky to abstract what it’s going to look like on an entire wall. I love the modern one thrown in there.

  • You cannot go wrong with William Morris designs. It isn’t really a cliche when it is really good.

  • They all look fantastic! Now, I can’t wait to hear your wallpaper hanging stories… and find out how much it costs, actually to hire someone. My own wallpaper hanging experience was a little… challenged.

  • Nice choices. Morris is a classic, I use elements from his patterns when I occasionally do prints and stencils. Both Blackthorn and Lily leaf are great, I really hope you’ll post pictures of the final result

    Cate, sorry for hijacking the thread, but can I ask a quick question outside the wallpaper topic. Your wood trim/molding (in the Azul Wallpaper pic) looks exactly like what we have in our parlor. I haven’t started working on it yet, but I wanted to ask what did you apply over it once you have stripped the paint? It looks great in that picture.

  • Thanks, everyone. Heather, tell us more about your paper hanging adventure! Megazoid, so far we haven’t applied anything over the stripped wood. We still have to strip wood in adjacent rooms, and I am told refinishing must be done all at once with one batch to keep the color consistent. Not sure about the color yet, but thinking we may use wax or oil as the final coat, because the more period-accurate varnish or shellac requires a respirator.