Park Slope’s Pavilion Theater Still Stinks

Last we checked new owners took over the Pavilion Movie Theatre on Prospect Park West, a theater previously plagued with many issues. The interior was supposed to receive a major upgrade, but according to a recent reader’s report, this joint is still not up to snuff:

Yesterday we went to see a movie and the theater had no heat. The whole lobby was littered with tons of cardboard boxes, like a big candy shipment for the concession that hadn’t been unpacked. The lobby was freezing, though the theater itself (at least the one showing Silver Linings Playbook) was warm enough to take a coat off. Not only that, they refused to discount tickets while the heat is off. $12 on a rainy February Monday night for a movie theater without heat. Here is a picture of a sign in the box office window.

He also said that it didn’t look like any renovations had taken place, although he just saw the first floor – “The interior looked a little disheveled but nothing major.” They also had to look for someone to take their tickets, and some of the electronic signage by the different theaters did not have a movie name indicating what was showing on that screen. The signage just read “POWER.” Yikes. What negative or positive experiences can you report since new management took over?

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  • This could be such a profitable and successful movie theater location. I really don’t understand why it has gone to such ruin. Imagine if a BAM cinema outpost went it. Business would BOOM!

  • The only redeeming feature of this theater is its location. But it seems to do fairly well in its nasty dilapidated state, and it’s not like ticket prices are any lower than anywhere else, so I guess the owners’ thinking is why spend the money to fix it up?

  • “nasty dilapidated state?” You should have seen the old Sanders that preceded the Pavilion. I lived around the corner from 1970–74 and went there fairly often for the first few years, even though the floor was so sticky that your feet would stick if you stopped walking. I gave up going there in 1974 because they stopped turning out the lights for fear of the local teenage thugs who had taken over.

  • Owners of this theater have always been penny wise and pound short. The current owners dont have the resources of a chain nor do they have the ingenuity nad dedication of an independent theater owner-theyre in it for the investment. They have made modest improvements-the old purple chairs have been replaced with new chairs in most theaters, they have electronic signage etc. But theyre so stingy that heat breaks down in various theaters all year long and they wont even list the moves on the major websites so tickets can be easily bought electronically. No serious renovatiosn were ever taken.

    This could be an amazing theater-its really up to community leaders (who were silent when the theater was up for sale a couple of years ago and could have really impacted its development). I suspect the current owners wont be in this for the long hau-I hope if given a second chance local politicians help ensire a proper owner is found for this theater.

  • “I asked one staffer if he thought the boiler was broken or the heating bill was unpaid. He thought the latter (his salary had been reduced a while back, too).”

    pretty sh*tty to post this – you may have cost a kid his job.

  • Maybe the government will bail them out.

  • I find the layout of the space a little weird and am always disappointed that no one is running that little cafe think at the front on the second floor. There always seemed to be a general state of disorder and lack of attention to detail, but no heat!

    We haven’t been here in a while, but the last time we did the usher(?) showed us to the wrong theater, which had the same movie playing but it had already started. We didn’t know much about the film and thought we’d just missed a minute or so (and couldn’t figure out why because we were pretty much on time). Turned out it was halfway through, so we looked around and finally found the other little theater.

    In the 1990’s before I had air conditioning I used to go see movies on especially hot days. One such day I went to a theater in the West Village. I didn’t find out until I had bought the ticket and gone in…..

  • Who the hell goes to the movies anyway?

  • I live near the Pavilion and I agree, it needs some attention and that could make it profitable-not major multiplex development, that would ruin the low key, neighborhood vibe it has, but it could be an Angelika or IFC. The BAM outpost idea is intriguing would be very nice not to have to shlep all the way there just to see an indie film.

  • I speculate that the owners of the theatre are trying to parcel their spot with the empty restaurant space next door. Both ar tear-down worthy and would make space for new condos. Why is the old Circles space empty??