Old House Links

Heath Ceramics has some interesting interiors pictured on its site, including, above, a house in Sausalito. For those not familiar, Heath Ceramics is a longstanding California maker of pottery and tile founded in the 1940s. The second and third interiors show an organic modern kitchen and a teens or 1920s home, all of which fit in with the Heath aesthetic.
Inspiration [Heath Ceramics]
Photo by Leslie Williamson

Door Sixteen’s kitchen is just about done — and they moved to Cobble Hill! (Their city apartment, that is.) Expect more renovations.
Please Meet My Kitchen Work Table [Door Sixteen]
Photo by Anna Dorfman

And meanwhile, over at Aesthetic Outburst, they’ve completed their “little room.” This may be an old-fashioned “hall,” the late Victorian kind with a fireplace and staircase, but we’re not sure. In any case, the new version is very cute — and modern.
Little Room Revisited [Aesthetic Outburst]
Photo by Abbey Hendrickson