Massive Tower Planned for Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Hudson Companies, the developer of Third + Bond, confirmed that it has filed plans for a 23-story, 254 unit mixed-use building at 626 Flatbush Avenue in Propsect Lefferts Gardens. The company has not yet received permits for the building. The Real Deal reports that the company signed a contract for the Flatbush Avenue site in March 2012 but has not yet closed. The L-shaped lot (the large building at the top center of the above image and the parking lot behind it) is on Flatbush between Parkside Avenue and Lincoln Road. The site’s owner filed for bankruptcy and TRD speculates that Hudson may need approval from bankruptcy court to close on the property.

This may all sound a bit familiar. Back in 2008 a 20-story glass-walled tower was planned for the neighborhood on Lincoln Road near Ocean Avenue. There was much community opposition and that building was never built. The lot was sold to another developer planning a much smaller structure. Think this is good for the neighborhood? Think it has a better chance than the last failed attempt to put a highrise in this neighborhood?

Hudson Companies Plans 254 Unit Tower Near Prospect Park [TRD]

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  • Wow. I knew this lot was up for sale a year ago (I think for $12 million) but I never thought it would go to a luxury developer like Hudson. A project that size would completely transform the PLG stretch of Flatbush, which has been essentially gentrification-proof for decades. With this, the other 9-story project going up by the Prospect Park stop and the conversion of the Caledonia hospital on Parkside to condos, PLG is about to get a huge infusion of housing looking over the park.

  • Fantastic site, right on the subway. They will have to contend with some MTA construction provisions, but the right building will have fantastic views of the park, and bring lots of new people to the street life there.

  • Seems like only a good thing for PLG. So many new residents could really give Flatbush the life it needs. And that area is fully of midrise buildings already. 23 stories isn’t looming.

  • I’ve been up to the 15th floor of Patio Gardens, the highrise apartment a couple blocks north of this site. the view out over the park is astounding, with the verrazano in the distance.

  • I agree with f-l-h. Furthermore, I was very impressed by Hudson Company’s transparency in their “Third+Bond” blog here and hope that continues, should this new project actually get off the ground.