Loft Units Now for Sale at 91 Grand Avenue

Condo units are now available at 91 Grand Avenue, a Clinton Hill warehouse conversion with a three-story rooftop addition. Douglas Elliman released seven “warehouse loft” condos and branded the building as “The Retro.” A 1,065-square-foot two bedroom is asking $800,000 and a 734-square-foot studio is available for $485,000. There are 30 units total. According to the listing, each unit comes with double-height ceilings, oversized windows and private outdoor spaces. A broker on site says that they expect sales to go quickly based on the number of phone calls they’ve received since the first few units hit the market last week. Buyers are expected to be able to move into purchased units within six months. GMAP

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  • That is a depressing living space. My gastroenterologist’s office is more cheery and has more windows.

  • horrible. crappy layouts.

    do people really like sitting on the couch and staring at the stove???/

  • it looks like a stage set. the mike and boom are above. it’s so very cold…. and exensive to heat.

  • “A broker on site says that they expect sales to go quickly based on the number of phone calls they’ve received since the first few units hit the market last week.”

    Or…”Don’t wait too long, I have another couple who is verrrrrrry interested in this unit…” Puh-lease…

  • I don’t know anything about these lofts, but in Manhattan, it was typical for many of the traditional lofts to have very few windows. They are “shoebox” rectangles with windows at the front and back only. Their appeal is in the size, ceiling height, and industrial features, such as columns and exposed pipes. Not for everyone but some are quite nice, even with minimal fenestration and no views.

  • I saw these last week, some of the units are HUGE and some are super small. If you have a million bucks the price per square foot is pretty tempting. Does this build have other amenities?

  • Does anyone else have a contract out here? We have had signed contracts since April and have been waiting 5 months for the building to get their TCO. Avi Voda continues to say “30 more day” every month. We already lost our initial mortgage lock…Is anyone else is the same boat?

    I would love to get an email group going and pass along information, this is getting ridiculous.

  • The builder is super shady. I would be surprised if this place passes inspection. The floors look super scuffed up and no one even lives there and the wiring looks completely off. I feel sorry for anyone who bought a unit.

    • Please elaborate realestatest! I am buying a one bedroom in this building and have been waiting over six months to close. How do you know the wiring is off? What inspired you to comment on this one year old thread? I have a google alert set up for it and this is the newest activity in six months? Does anyone else out there have any information on this building? I am still hopeful to close and eager for any information.

    • They just passed inspection, got CofO and are scheduling closings!

      • Hi Lazers! We are currently looking into purchasing as well. Are you living there now? Have you experienced any problems besides the $800 plus property tax? : ]

        • Hi jkyncy!

          We have been really pleased with our experience so far! We waited a long time for this building to finish and are thrilled to finally be living there. Lot’s of space for your money and no problem tenants. There were a few “growing pain” issues with the building in the first few months like heaters not working or toilets leaking, but they were quickly addressed and taken care of. The property tax is a hit, but remember that you get a big chunk back when you file your taxes.

          Good luck!