House of the Day: 371 9th Street

371 9th Street was included as an Open House Pick three times last summer while it was on the market for $2,995,000, then $2,795,000 and finally $2,695,000. After failing to sell, the immaculately renovated brownstone was taken off the market for a breather towards the end of the year, emerging again last week with its price tag of $2,695,000 intact. Given what brownstones are selling for these days across Brooklyn, this one would be flying off the shelf at this price if it weren’t located on a busy commercial stretch like 9th Street.
371 9th Street [Brown Harris Stevens] GMAP P*Shark

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  • Spend $15-20,000 and put on a deck so the owner’s triplex has direct yard access.

  • Can’t imagine why you would live here for that money rather than any other nearby street and not have to deal with the noise and lack of greenery. Unless having a bus stop right at your front door is a plus.

  • I bet the whole house shakes every time the F train goes by.

    • The Duncan Donuts at 9th Street and 5th Avenue certainly shakes when a train passes underneath. That train is MUCH more bothersome that the Brighton Line trains that run through an open cut behind houses in PLG, Ditmas Park, etc.

  • There aren’t a lot of photos of the place but it seems rather cold and charmless to me. If that’s what they were going for, so be it, but definitely not a place I would like to live in.

  • unadulterated greed meets reality. cracks at the surface. the crash must resume.

    btw, i like the openness of the parlor and rug/bench at entrance.

  • Oh, the magic of selective photography! Why no front facade photograph? Because this building is one of two sharing a fugly staircase (that can’t be dignified by calling it a stoop).
    And why does both Brownstoner Marketplace and BHS listing call this building a single family when two apartments are evident, and even a 2-family CofO posted on DOB website? It’s not just location that’s keeping this property from flying off the shelf.

  • i’ve gone by this place many times. i think the weird stoop and the fact that the front garden is wide open are potential issues. they planted a patch of grass, but it really needs to be enclosed.

  • in front of a bus stop
    over the subway
    fugly shared stoop
    next to a dry cleaners (ick)
    odd backyard
    tax lien?

    i realize its a tight market, but this 2 fam does not sem like a very nice place to live for this kind of $$. hope you love your neighbor-in laws!

  • I have friend who lives on 9th – other side one block up and never was aware of train when went by. Same by me….if concentrate and everything is very quiet than a soft rumble.
    They really didn’t fix the front of that house very nicely. and is pretty commercial right there. But depending on inside — probably getting close to the price.
    Would be nice to have central air – not sure if this one does.