Greenpoint Church Sells Part of a Building to Developers

The Church of Ascension in Greenpoint has reached a deal to sell off part of one of its buildings to a developer who plans to put in condos there. According to DNAinfo, the condos will not be in the historic church building pictured above which dates to 1866. Instead the church has sold off the top two floors of its parish hall to the developer. The Reverend John Merz pursued the deal in an effort to help save the struggling church and the story notes that this, “was one ‘creative way’ his congregation had found to cope with a shrinking membership and a financially strained Episcopal Diocese.” The developer will renovate the entire building as part of the deal and the church itself and community space will be preserved. Recently church has become the headquarters for Occupy Sandy volunteers. You can read more about the history of the church here.

Developer to Buy Part of 167 Year-Old Church [DNAinfo] GMAP

Photo By Christopher Bride for PropertyShark

One Comment

  • So many lovely old Episcopal churches are falling into ruin as the congregations dwindle in numbers. It is so wonderful to hear that the struggling congregation can, at the very least, buy some time by selling the parish hall to developers. Sadly, the outlook is grim for most struggling congregations of any denomination who have the burden of a vast building with unending maintenance needs. In more rural areas, one sees an increasing number of old wooden churches that have lost their steeples, the cost of restoration being too great. Churches like this one have the added risk of being on valuable land and can easily be viewed as behemoths constructed of attractive bits of architectural salvage.
    It sounds like The Church of Ascension has an active congregation, however small, trying to do good for the community. If they can hold on to their lovely church, so much the better.