Demo Makes Way for Five-Story Park Place Build

A reader sent in this photo of the demolition at 61 Park Place, the brick structure on a large, 80 by 100 foot lot. The DOB issued demolition permits in December and recently approved a building application for a five-story, seventeen-unit structure. The architect is SM Tam Architect, who does not have a website. Our tipster worries, “hopefully, the developer won’t take advantage of the fact that Park Place between Fifth and Sixth Avenues isn’t landmarked and erect an eyesore. It’s an attractive block and its residents certainly must be apprehensive about what is going to be built there.” The new developer bought the lot for $5,750,000.
Residential Build Is Coming to 61 Park Place [Brownstoner] GMAP

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  • It IS a nice block, just behind the block I first lived on when I moved to Brooklyn years ago.

    I wouldn’t hold my breath – most of the new buildings are really ugly. (Not that all modern is ugly, it can be done well, but is usually done cheaply and not well from a design standpoint around here, in my opinioin.) Even those who try to build a building with brick and window sizes to fit in with the older houses rarely do the details right to really look good.