Condo of the Day: 133 Water Street, #4B

It’s been almost six years since 133 Water Street, the Scarano-designed residential building in the shadows of the Manhattan Bridge, gave up on its plans to sell condos and went rental. Last summer, encouraged, presumably, by the booming market, the building’s owners decided to start selling the apartments as condos as they became vacant. According to StreetEasy, six of them are already in contract and another five, including this 4th-floor unit asking $899,00, are on the market. This particular pad has two bedrooms and 1,049 square feet. We have no idea whether the proximity to the bridge means that subway noise is a problem, but otherwise this unit looks pretty nice and has decent natural light. Have any readers lived in, or been inside this building?
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  • Yes, I’ve been inside the building. Noise from the bridge, which is just feet away, is bearable w/ the windows closed because they are triple paned. You hear a dull roar that is easy to get used to. BUT, you will never ever want to open your windows for a bit of fresh air. Considering that, I find the prices way too high psf, but a few have sold, so obviously the cache of Dumbo is great enough to overcome that problem for some people. Also, they have those petite sized L/Dining room combos that drive me nuts. There’s room for LR or dining, not both. Obviously, not bothering a lot of other people because that’s how developers make em these days and people buy.

    • I agree with you. I absolutely cannot stand the living room, dining room, kitchen combination, because you are absolutely right, you either use the space as a full dining room, or full living room, but the space is simply not big enough for the 2 rooms as it states.

      people buy these, because they have no choice, this is what the builders build. there is no longer a seperate kitchen big enough for a table and chairs….then a living room then a bedroom……

  • I actually found the building to be rather pleasant, to be honest–although I have to admit that I let go of an apartment here in favor of something I got at Harlem. When my agent showed it to me, I didn’t actually quite notice the sound, but I was pretty impressed with the spaces. (Some pictures here: The living room-dining room combo actually made sense to me, because the space was large enough to accomodate both. But the best feature according to me was its proximity to the park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and so I can understand why this place would attract families.