Co-op of the Day: 279 Sterling Place, #1A

We like the look and feel of this two-bedroom co-op in the converted public school at 279 Sterling Place in Prospect Heights. The main living space, with its large windows and high ceilings, is lovely and helps compensate for the fact that a portion of the apartments 1,268 square feet is on the mezzanine level. Maintenance is a relatively low $915 a month and the asking price is $899,000. Thoughts?
279 Sterling Place [Corcoran] GMAP P*Shark

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  • seems like a lot for Crown Heights

  • Isn’t this actually a one bedroom (second room has no windows)?

  • Seems high for a functional 1 bedroom. The mezzanine looks like its not a full height ceiling and is only accessible by ladder, so not useful for much beyond a large storage area (certainly nice to have for that though). That said I think its a gorgeous space so who knows.

  • Its Prospect Heights, it’s a 1 BR (unless you have a vampire in your family). This will sell at ask; that living room is ridiculous. I’d like to live in this building. The weird thing is that the loft appears to be accessible only by ladder. Wha?

  • That’s Prospect Heights not Crown Heights–great location right off Vanderbilt. I saw a 3 BR in this building and the halls still feel like the school it’s used to be–it’s a bit creepy. I feel the same way about those churches-turned-condos; they seem full of ghosts.

  • it might get ask but i don’t think it will appraise for $899K. no way. i wonder how often people are going out of pocket these days to make up the difference.

  • “We like the look and feel of this two-bedroom co-op in the converted public school at 279 Sterling Place in Prospect Heights.”

    mr. b, 2BR? you sound worse than a crappy broker. it is a one bedroom with a loft and a windowless room.

  • Love this building. Great location. Charming pad, but as stated before that really is a one bedroom and as such that is a pretty steep price.

  • Those are also some weeeeird windows in the bedroom.

  • Sure looks a LOT different from the way it looked when I taught there years ago!

  • This is a prime Prospect Heights location: near all the shops and restaurants, two subway lines, park, library etc. etc. Space is ideal for someone who needs a guest bedroom or maybe has joint custody of a teen (two constituencies who might not care too much about a windowless space). The living area is wonderful, though it does need a real staircase to the loft. Given the crazy prices out there, I’m gonna say this will sell at or very close to ask.

  • Not a fan of lofts, but love this building and think this apartment is decorated beautifully. There will be bites out there at this price.

  • I agree with wasder and grandarmyredux. Prime Prospect Heights. Great location. Great building. I looked here. I have close friends who have a 3-bedroom here, and it is incredible. I don’t love this particular apartment, but I love the apartments in this building – and the location – generally.

  • I saw this on Sunday and though the space has a unique layout with impressive ceiling height the mezzanine is not useable for anything other than books and storage since it is not full height. I will give this a rating of 6 out of 10.

  • It’ll appraise and sell for that, or close, on a per-sq-foot basis, I think.

    But even if that loft is just for storage, and even if you were happy to access it from a ladder, a straight up and down ladder, that runs on a bookcase rail like this one appears to, that is offset from the loft at 90 degrees would not be a ladder I’d want to use to access my storage space – it doesn’t look safe.