Co-op of the Day: 26 South Oxford Street, #3B

This new listing at 26 South Oxford Street feels like (and is sized like) a brownstone floor-through apartment without the awkward railroad layout. The two-bedroom pad has prewar details and lots of windows overlooking the street. There’s also the close proximity to Fort Greene Park to consider. Asking price is $680,000 and there are open houses on both Saturday and Sunday.
26 South Oxford Street, #3B [Brown Harris Stevens] GMAP P*Shark

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  • Great location and nice configuration. The interior is a bit dull, however, and the maintenance is high for a building which really has no amentities. Should be more like $700/month, not $1,073.

  • It isn’t like a brownstone floorthru at all – which by definition goes through a house from front to back, and has windows on either end. And not all brownstone floor-thrus have awkward railroad layouts – most don’t.

    This looks like the rear section of two brownstones that have been joined. Which explains the bedrooms with all the nice wood original trim, and the living room devoid of any trim at all. Once could add deeper baseboard trim and crown molding to the living room, but those drywalled window openings are very unfortunate. It’s like an apartment that makes clear that is in two different buildings, one with fancy original trim, one where it has all been removed. I’d find that juxtaposition jarring.

    If the descripton of the apartment is correct, and the exterior picture is the right one, the windows don’t overlook the street, but rather the backyards.

    I prefer the layout out most brownstone floorthrus over this any day. I like having living areas that overlook the street, and bedrooms in the back. And the small bedroom, with the huge closet, is no longer 13′ long. I find these small square rooms more useless for furniture placement (whether as child’s room, office, or guest bedroom) than the typical long brownstone bedroom of 6 or 7′ deep by 11-13 ft’ long not counting the closet. And the kitchen here is relatively small.

  • meant to say “two limestones”.

  • It’s cute. You could carve an office into that master bedroom. I like it more than I like most things these days.

  • ppsf seems very reasonable, even low. this looks like it’s over 1000 sq ft, yeah?

  • Does seem to be a relative bargain in this market at this location. I would think this would get snapped up pronto

  • Saw an apartment in this building a year and a half ago. Pretty nice, but the layout was a bit weird. Bathroom was unnecessarily huge, and the smaller bedroom had just that tiny oval window, which makes it possible to put AC in there. Still, a little surprised this is going for about the same price as a year and a half ago. Thought it’d be more by now.

  • So if it was one building always, how did one side lose its nice wood molding around the windows, and the other side not?