Closing Bell: Atlantic Yards Quality of Life Meeting Tonight

Tonight the Atlantic Yards Quality of Life Committee is hosting a meeting to discuss quality of life issues for residents and businesses in proximity to Barclays Center. Although the meeting is open to the public, only “invited representatives” will be allowed to comment (the meeting’s sponsored by Empire State Development Corporation). One of the issues that will be discussed are the 20 street trees lost on Pacific Street between 6th and Carlton Avenues for construction of the LIRR railyard. No date has been provided for the trees to be replanted. The meeting’s at 6:30 pm at Brooklyn Borrough Hall. Check out all the details here.
Photo by atlanticyardswebcam

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  • on page 8 of today’s NY Post, there is a short article about how the Sensation (techno/house music) show at Barclays in Oct. was too loud and violated NYC’s noise code. I could hear that concert in my bedroom and it went til 1:30AM (or so.) Very disturbing especially as there are about 50 young kids living in our building. The article goes on to say that Barclays was fined $3,300 but the violation was dismissed on a technicality. UGH!

  • please, what about the airplane noise that we hear all day and night at 30 seconds apart.

    Every day all day long and all night long an airplane flies by at these unbelieveable low altitudes…..that should be everyone’s concern.

    What about all this jet fuel we are inhaleing……never mind a little noise from a concert, that will end…….

    the planes will still be flying by, every 30 seconds apart…………

    they are intrusive, frightening, and offensive.

    • your biggest gripe with brooklyn is noise from one airplane that happened almost 30 seconds ago?

    • So tell us, stargazer – where would you rather have them fly?

      Do you have any actual, scientific evidence of jet fumes being inhaled? Do you have any evidence of actual harm?

      Hot air rises, you know, so there’s little chance you’re breathing the exhaust. In fact, the hot air from your comments is making my computer float three feet above my desk right now.

  • btw, i saw modular pieces being brought to AY and they had NYPD Highway escorting them. i’m all for this development, but this would never happen for a private developer. it seems like a waste of resources and taxpayer dollars. ratner can afford to hire private escorts.