Brooklyn Rock Shop Leaves Barlcays for Coney

The Brooklyn Rock Shop, a Brooklyn-themed gift and t-shirt shop, has closed its Dean Street location. According to someone involved with the business, the shop got tons of media attention because it was right across the street from the Barclays Center but the foot traffic wasn’t there. So they are moving to Coney Island, most likely by mid-March. They are looking at a space right across from Nathan’s. They also continue to wholesale to Brooklyn stores like Owl and Thistle, Mini Jake and Flying Squirrel. You can keep up with them on their Twitter account.
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  • How much more evidence do we need to prove that Barclay’s Center is a failure????

  • Our customers continue to be in town regular Brooklyn folk with wild eyed aspirations. The foot count was slim. Fast forward 18 months and I’d probably learn how to smoke fancy cigars !

  • @brklynmind, at lot more evidence than your unhinged post.

    Considering that Barclays Center opened in the fall and Brooklyn Rock hasn’t had the pleasure of measuring foot traffic – in the warmer months, their move seems a bit premature. However, for the sake of survival, they probably couldn’t stick around to find out and they decided to make a bold move. Good for them – hope it works out.