A Hotel Planned for the BAM Cultural District

Today the Post reports that the developer Second Development Services will build a hotel at 95 Rockwell Place, an area of the BAM Cultural District getting a lot of ink recently. The current building at 95 Rockwell, which is not landmarked, was previously on the market for $9.5 million. The deed has not yet hit public records. The hotel will be under construction for two years and is surrounded by other buildings on their way up. The Theater for a New Audience build is right next door and it’s also near the 32-story apartment/public plaza planned by Two Trees and another affordable development planned for Ashland Place and Lafayette Avenue. According to the project manager, “the district was long overdue to get a hotel.” But as far as we can tell, in a few years the downtown area will be basically overrun with them.
Hotel for BAM and Barclays [NY Post]
BAM-Area Building on Rockwell Place for Sale [Brownstoner] GMAP

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  • It looks like someone dropped the model a few times.

  • The owner of this building got it excluded from the BAM Cultural District by whining about all the vital small-business jobs that were in that building. Apparently as soon as it was excluded, he flipped it, and we’ll lose the vital small-business jobs anyway, but he’ll make more money.

    How do they possibly have that much FAR?

  • Too bad. I like the building that’s there now. Classic NYC light industrial/loft space. Demolishing it will be a net loss for the architectural history and variety of the BAM cultural district.

  • hotel is key BAM spends over 2mm/year on rooms for performers better to be close GREAT looking building jobs had exited the building as the nature of owner business changed exclusion was several years ago no?

  • That design is totally cool and very BAM. Brooklyn, and New York as a whole, needs more hotel rooms. The old building is totally nondescript; no great loss.

  • Good luck with that. SDS performed our condo conversion, and four years in they still haven’t been able to figure out how to fix basic problems that were entirely their creation. They cut corners left and right, couldn’t produce building drawings because they got “wet”, and cycle through employees on what seems to be a daily basis. I wouldn’t stay there if you paid me.

  • Damn. This area is getting serious. Tower city. I really don’t think that existing building will be that much of a loss. Currently BAM has plans to make their “cultural plaza” abutting and facing the rear of this building. A hotel with ground floor uses makes much more sense fronting onto a plaza, not the ugly back side of this building. Maybe they can preserve the Rockwell Place facade, but the back side next to the TFANA site is pretty ugly.

  • sad referring to the unreadable post or to the replacement of one building with another?

    I find both sad. the first read to me as drug-(perhaps caffeine)fueled. The second clearly money-fueled. Guess I’m in a minority here preferring the look of the old city.

    • Sad referring to the new tower replacing the old building. I think of myself as being in the minority also. Brownstoner readership has changed. Very pro- unlimited development these days. I’ll admit that I agree with BHO. The market will crash, and I’m in favor of it crashing. Meanwhile, I had to leave Brooklyn after Hurricane Sandy. Not sure why I’m still lurking around here- guess it’s nostalgia at this point.

  • Just as I thought…residents of 96 Rockwell right opposite are so screwed! Already getting pounded by the construction nightmare of 29 Flatbush and now with this hotel development adding pollution (noise and dust) for the next 2 years resulting in no more open skies, no more light…just left with shadow of this tower looming over. (However, I am sure some may view it as a perk to get a peek inside hotel room actions 😉 … ).