5th Ave Reno: Finally Finished

Kitchen and dining room view

Well, well, we have finally come to the end of my renovation journey. Was is easy? No. Did we have conflicts? Yes! But in the end it was certainly worth taking the journey! I would like to thank the all of the architects at the Leonard Colchamiro Architects & Planners firm who worked with me in creating my design. They brought great insight and were attentive to every need. Quncie, you are awesome! I would also like to thank DAF Contracting for helping to bring my design ideas to life. Jill, who is the office manager at DAF, was great with answering pressing concerns and pushing the project along. Jill, you are invaluable.

So let’s recap: Hubby and I wanted more space for two children and an elderly dog. We decided to stay in our lovely neighborhood and add a 500 square foot addition, which includes a bedroom, bathroom and two terraces. We totally gutted the existing floor, expanded the bathroom (and my closet!) and changed all finishes and fixtures. And finally, here is the finish product! See plenty more photos after the jump.

Do you remember the partial partition wall that divided the kitchen and dining room? So glad it’s gone!

Now we have a very open concept kitchen and dining area. The void of upper cabinets allows the kitchen to feel much bigger than it actually is. The closet to the left of the kitchen is a full size pantry, which gives us more than enough space for food and snack storage and the closet to the right comfortably fits our mid-size washer and dryer.

These are the Swarovski crystal doors knobs that are the pulls for the pantry and washer/dryer closets. When the light hits them they create amazing light and color. A girl has got to have her bling!


The dish washer and wine fridge fit nicely within the kitchen island.


In order to give the kitchen a uniform look the two major appliances, the fridge and stove, are both made by Samsung. The white cabinets towards the back of the kitchen store  silverware, dishes and plates. The cabinet between the fridge and stove is for recyclables and garbage.

I fell in love with this chandelier the moment I saw it. It’s body and arms are made entirely of crystal. It has a simplistic beauty which I really appreciate.



Our good friend Dwight scraped off layers of paint from our marble fireplace. Still with its flaws and all, I love the character it brings into the room.

We now have a large shower where there was once a standard tub. By combining two closets with our existing bathroom we created a nice size shower room.


Here are the stairs which lead to the addition.


Upstairs we have a bathroom with a tub. I really wanted the upstairs to feel uniform to downstairs. I went with the same marble mosaic tile, Kohler toilet and marble console sink, only in a black finish.





We also have a bedroom upstairs which is currently being used as our dog room for our 14 year old rottweiler.





Outside front view of the addition

On both side of the terraces we have great views. Here’s a view of the Barclays Center.

A view of the clock tower.

Great view of Brooklyn as the sun sets.

“New Yorkkkkkk, concrete jungle where dreams are made of… there’s nothing you can’t do…!!!”

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  • Very nice. I but you’re ecstatic that it is finished!!!!

  • you have a rottweiler around your children?

  • looks good. Nice views!
    Truthfully, I don’t think there’s enough storage in the kitchen. Where are you going to put your pots and pans? plates? cups and mugs? tupperware? Sure, there’s a pantry closet, but it looks like it’s stocked with food.
    Why no upper cabinets?

  • It does look great! I too wonder about the kitchen storage situation, but maybe you just don’t have too many dishes, cookware, or go to the grocery store and stock up for rainy days. I probably have too much stuff, but all my kitchen cabinets are full – regular china, Christmas china, fine dinner china, serving pieces and mixing bowls, probably 12 complete sets of various glasses for whatever occasion, crystal, etc., and my pantry is totally bursting since I like to take the car sometimes to a real supermarket and fill it up. But if it works for you that’s great. It does look really nice and clean. Love the old mantle as well. Good job :-)

  • Are those marble counters or something else? And probably too early to say, but do you like the Samsung range? I’m considering it for my reno.

  • More pics of the Rottweiler room, please.

  • Congrats on finishing! Lovely clean overall look.
    The kitchen still looks a bit unbalanced to me. Perhaps some open shelving, in a wood finish to match the lower cabs? You could gain a bit of much-needed storage space while displaying a few fine dishes/objects?

    Also, what do other readers think about putting the same wall tile in the kitchen and bathroom/showers? For me that would be a big no, but do others feel different?

  • so back to this space.
    where are they going to put their glasses and plates? in the one cabinet to the left of the range?

  • it feels like one of those 4th av condos.

  • The kitchen area with no upper cabinets, while it looks open and airy, it is totally wasted space to me. This is not the area where you need something to be open and airy, it is needed for storage. I absolutely would have re thought that, plus it just doesn’t look nice.

    The fridge looks like it was just plopped there, with no being. It needed cabinets above and beside it, to give it that built in look, other than just putting the fridge there.
    Even open shelving would have looked better that having nothing there, as that still would have given an open look.

    the black tiled bathroom looks like it belongs in a night club.

    • Actually i think kitchen storage can be equally useful anywhere it’s convenient. I also think that that standard row of cabinets stuck on the wall over the appliances often looks cheap and “stuck on”, especially if the ones on the end are free-floating with the edges all exposed without anything on the other side. I think this looks better than that at least; if you have a lot of space you don’t have to really worry so much about wasting space. It is however good to have storage at hand by the sink and stove, and it looks like they have that. I also think open shelving is never a good idea. But I’m a borderline hoarder who is constantly fighting clutter so I need all storage to be behind nice closed doors.

  • I think fifthavereno has adequately addressed his/her storage needs.

  • I like the floors of the kitchen and the general layout. But, I think there are tons of design flaws…why put the microwave in the pantry and make that extra step of opening the door each time you need to use it? Why put the garbage/recycling opposite of the sink and the longest counter space where you will do most of your cutting and chopping? and, strange place to put pots and pans, under the kitchen sink–there isn’t much room and its pretty dark and low. but I guess you thought it all through and you’re going to make it work.

  • Where did you find that door w/ the glass for the room that your rottweiler is currently using? I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.

  • Congrats! Sounds as though this set up serves your needs and is done to your taste which is all that matters. The roof top addition and interior stairs look great. I like the kitchen to a point. It’s hard to explain succinctly but it feels certain touches and elements that would have made the room more cohesive, that would have helped blend the vintage feel of the fireplace, chandelier and marble, with the modern aspects of the room, are missing. It could be the lack of cabinetry (especially around the fridge); it just makes that side of the kitchen feel overly spare and incongruous with the rest of the room. Just my $.02

  • Stargazer it’s completely ridiculous to call people out on YOUR preferences and how much shit you have in YOUR kitchen and need storage for.
    Many people dont need so much crap around and live in a simpler tidy-er way. I have no upper cabs as well but i dont have dining service for 30!
    It’s truy a lovely reno. I love the microwave in the closet! Neat! Thanks for sharing!

  • 5th ave reno, thanks for having the thick skin to post. Congrats on the finished product. Chanderliers are terrific.

  • Hi. I am in a tenement building and going to create stairs to our roof, which is currently a blank slate that we have rights to. We had heard there could be some permit issues and are wondering how it went with you.

  • “The void of upper cabinets allows the kitchen to feel much bigger than it actually is”

    Reading comprehension much, ET??? (Though it pains me, I do agree with you about the Tupperware – I needed a separate pantry for that.

  • Congratulations! Your renovation is beautiful. And I love that you have a 14-year-old dog with his/her own room, as is appropriate.

    dave, they have the outdoor light fixtures on the front of the addition that you wouldn’t let me get from Restoration Hardware. Jussayin.

  • Nice to see not everyone hoards kitchen stuff like I do. I don’t think the wall without any upper cabinets looks bad at all – I think it looks good. I think the fridge looks odd only because of the height the pictures were taken from. I’m not taller than your refrigerator, so standing on the floor I would never see the wall behind it above it. I bet it looks great when you are standing or sitting in the space in the space. Nice room!

    I agree – I’d want my garbage and recycling near the sink. And my pots and pans not under it. But maybe someone with minimal kitchen stuff doesn’t cook so much, so doesn’t care as much about these things? I don’t use a microwave, so why not stick it in a closet. I love the look of that room. I’d have like some cabinetry instead of closet doors for the pantries, but since you use one as a laundry closet, I could see why you made that choice. I’d have done different doors, but the room looks nice. I like the chandelier – but the word you want is simple, not simlistic.

    Don’t love black baths, but many don’t.

    I have never seen a bedroom for a dog, and this one with its own door to a terrace even!

  • home come you have two different color cabinets? island is dark and the wall cabinets are white.

  • IMO the island would have looked better in white.