Williamsburg’s Salvation Army Building is Going Down

Williamsburg’s Salvation Army building, on the corner of North 7th and Bedford Avenue, is not long for this world. A tipster sent a photo of demo work happening just this afternoon. The owners sent out demolition notices to neighbors back in April of last year. It’s unclear what the hold up was. According to DOB documents, plans are still in place to build a two-story building at the site. It would be surprising to see another Salvation Army go up on such a high-traffic corner in the heart of high-priced, condo-crazy Williamsburg, but according to public records the Salvation Army owns the lot and has not sold it.
Demolition Starting Soon on Williamsburg Salvation Army [Brownstoner] GMAP

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  • Are there FAR issues or something? If they’re not selling the lot, why wouldn’t they build condos on top and make a few million bucks?

  • epr, I think the plan is along those lines; maximize the development potential in order to get a one-time cash infusion (condos) or ongoing income (rentals), all while maintaining the retail operation on the ground floor.

  • I can’t imagine Condo’s for sale going up there. Jardine couldn’t sell any of their crappy condo’s just down the street and wound up renting them all in a short period. My guess would be rentals on top of the ground floor retail. I don’t think a buyer would want to purchase a condo at 740 a square foot above a salvation army outlet and on the busiest section of Bedford

    • Depends on the condo. I didn’t think buyers would want to purchase condos that were a 10-minute walk from Bedford and that didn’t have any amenities of a neighborhood within easy walking distance, but there you have Northside and the Edge.

    • That’s total BS. Jardin was 65% sold when they switched to rentals (check the “search brownstoner” function as it’s well documented). The developer got an unsolicited offer to sell the building upon completion that would have netted them more $$ than selling condos, so they gave buyers back their deposits, switched to rentals, rented it out completely and then flipped it.

  • Rentals, condos – I can guarantee you one thing – they’ll end up being marketed by aptsandlofts.com and will have a stupid-ass name

    May i suggest SalArmy Lofts?